Saturday, April 25, 2015

Skirting Around In Plaid

One of the more widely accepted prints in fashion, in my opinion, would be the checkered (tartan) print.  It’s flexibility (can be worn by both male and female fashionistas) probably is the reason why it’s very much well-received.  So today, I’m likewise showing my love for this print by wearing one:

No, that’s not a plaid skirt right there, but rather a long-sleeved plaid shirt that I simply turned into and wore as a skirt  =P  Fun, right?  I mean, it’s nice to experiment with clothes and different looks once in awhile, don’t you think?

For this look, I paired my shirt-turned-skirt with a white cartoon-print cap-sleeve top, and a pair of ox-blood rugged boots.  The resulting look is a mix of cuteness (thanks to the cartoon top), and edge (courtesy of the plaid print and boots)….although I think I’ve channelled more of the edgy look here with my poses, haha!

Anyways, gotta get skirting around now….couldn’t afford to get stuck in traffic today….early appointment that is.  Till my next ootd!  Xoxo, ladies!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

What's Cooking?

I haven't really cooked in a very looooong while.  Thanks to my mom's kitchen expertise and cooking skills, all I do is to gobble and eat, haha!  But since my tummy's craving for pasta and I had a little more free time yesterday (yes, this is a late post, sorry to say), I decided to give it a go.  Care to guess what type of pasta I'm doing?  =)

Yep, that's a rather big plate of tuna with tomatoes, capers & olives pasta right there =)

And here's me about to dig in, hehe!

So much for this late post.  Hope you guys have a fun and full day ahead!  Much love to all :*

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Halt-yer Overalls!

Denim overalls are common; be it jumper pants, jumper shorts or jumper skirts….they’re just everywhere.  Major fashion brands have them on display or in inventory, while most fashionistas may have them on and off-season  =P  But if there’s a denim overall cut that’s not as widely available it’s the halter-cut types.  But luckily for me, I scored one to earn me this ootd:

A halter cut acid-wash denim overall skirt!  How uniquely cool is that?!  I mean, it’s not everyday you actually chance upon such a cut style, right?

Now if only I had the guts to wear it without any other garment, it’ll would be ooh-sooo-sexy!  But alas, while I may not have flabs, I don’t have a perfect body and as such I need to layer on  =P  And that’s just what I did….wore an inner white shirt and a pair of laser-cut leggings, and hide whatever it is that I think I should be concealing, hehe.  Heeled up with a pair of lasercut heels to keep with my sexy vibe  =)  Although I decided in the end to tame the appeal by adding a floral cap.

So whatcha think of this halter overall look?  Yay or nay?  Any which way, have a fabulous day ahead!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Put Your Sneaks On

Just what do you do with a shirt that has gone a little bit too large, albeit still in pretty good condition?  Do you just pile and stash it away for donation?  Well, if it’s still in decent shape despite becoming a size or two larger now (some shirts stretch out, in fact, while others shrink), then here’s a little trick that I always do:

I just tie the shirt in a knot (be that in front, at the back or at the sides).  The point is to make the shirt fit my body and make it look less loose  =)  And hey, I think it’s a cool way of manipulating your old shirts that had strayed off path, hehe.

Now on the other hand, I paired my re-modeled top with a pair of basic jeans, sneakers and a cap.  All rehashes.  The only thing that’s first in this ootd is the maroon handbag; which is actually a gift from a friend, and one that I’ll probably be over-using in the next coming days, haha!

So there you have it for today.  Happy re-using those old garments now, everyone!  Much love!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Time To Be (Glad)iator

The music festival boho/hippie girl look is so over and out now, I know, but I don’t care.  There’s always a time to follow trends, to break them, or to re-instate ‘em back in fashion.  But in my case, I think this is just my time to be glad, and by that I mean, glad(iatress)!  Haha!

I miss wearing gladiator sandals and after dilly-dallying on whether I should take it out to the streets (coz it’s so out-of-trend nowadays), I guess my I-don’t-care-what-others-might-say part of me won over my conformist side so now I have this for my outfit shot today  =P

Wore a cropped lace long-sleeve top and ripped denim shorts together with my gladiators.  And then I completed my music-festival-ish look with no other than a floral crown  =)  Which, of course, I didn’t really wear out since I’m not attending any party / event that justifies wearing a floral crown.  We sure don’t want to look exaggerated, and yeah….silly.

With that, I’m off to be glad  =P  Hope you all are too!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Office Basics

Do you know what I miss these days?  The corporate work environment.  After years of being in the private sector, I can pretty much say that I really miss the daily grind at the corpo office.  The deadlines, the brainstorming sessions, the daily bickering, it’s all but a fraction of what I miss in the hustle and bustle of corporate life.  And then, there are the suits and uniforms and all those corporate fashion that I’ve used to wear.  Sigh.  How I wish I could go back to those days.  I know I can’t, so I just resolve to go back to my office basics every once in awhile…just like today:

I’ve used to wear a long-sleeve polo top with straight-cut slacks and then pile on a cardigan top to help keep me warm throughout the entire day at the office.  And yes, I’ve always worn pumps back in those days, so nothing much has changed over the years as I still wear pumps =)  Actually, I think the corporate basics are still pretty much the same as what I’ve used to wear.  The prints and cuts may have varied slightly, and may have become more stylish and adventurous over the years, but the general feel and style is pretty much the same.

Now that I’ve relived my corporate basics, it’s time for me to go back to my routine now.  Much love, everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

City Girl

I’m a fan of graphic prints, but only it it’s not too graphic. 

Say what?!!  Yes, I know, I’m so labo!  Haha!  I mean, no dark/bloddy grotesque picture / diagrams, please!  I’d much rather landscapes and architectural structures, ok?  Hihi.  Just like this dress I have on:

Buildings.  Top view.  And multi-colored ones for that matter.  Definitely reflective of the city girl that I am  =)  I picked this design out of the many other available prints mainly because of its architectural design and also because I like how wonderfully blended and refreshing its colors are.

For daytime wear, I could just opt for a blazer or drape a cardigan on my shoulder, and then simply take ‘em off when nighttime falls  =)  Plus, what I really love about shift dresses is the fact that they are sooo easy to wear and pair!  Less worries on mix-matching tops with bottoms, to be exact  =P

So for today’s look, I matched my blue graphic dress with purple velvet pumps and accessorized with a  salmon pink envelope clutch and a big-framed sunglass.  Colorful, huh?  Well, that’s what’s nice about graphic and colourful prints…you have more color options for when you decide on the accessories that you’ll be using =)

And that’s it for today.  Have an excity-ing day ahead!  Much love!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Green With Envy

Some people like to talk behind other people’s backs.  And most often than not, they fabricate stories and speak ill and lies against that particular person.  That’s not good, but I guess some people just can’t help it noh?  But rather than get angry at these backstabbers, my way of coping is to think that they are only green with envy.  And yes, I have an outfit style shot with the same theme too:

I’m green with envy in a long-sleeve turtleneck top, leather origami skirt and patent t-strap heels.  Decent sexy, you say?  Well, I would say so even if you think otherwise, haha!  No, seriously.  I think there’s no better way of looking and feeling sexy than by showing one’s gams.  And my origami skirt just fits the purpose!  I know my gams aren’t exactly model-esque but the edgy cut of the skirt turns on the appeal  =P

Now since I’ve shown some skin already, I forego wearing a revealing top.  Better to stay classy with a turtleneck top and keep some skin hidden for the imagination, haha! 

Threw in a plaid scarf to give my look a little more texture since my clothes are plain in color.  Now, with that, I’m leaving you good girls with this thought:

“Let them talk, they’re just green with envy anyway!”

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Travel in Plaid and Stripes

I’m doing something I hardly do….mixing prints!  And for today, it’s plaid with stripes!

Print on print style is not something I do very often as my preference veers toward simple and clean lines.  And if ever I chose to wear prints, I make sure that it’s not a full-on ensemble; and I believe you’ve all already noticed that as well =P  Nothing against that style, I reiterate, but just my personal style  =)

But just for today, for a change, I decided to throw away caution and to dress in mixed print (and full-on head-to-toe too!)

Chose a striped boat-neck sweater to go with my tartan print pencil skirt.  Ei, do you know how long this skirt has been with me?  A decade now.  Yes. It has been with me during my corporate stint and after all these years; even as I’ve retired from corporate work, the skirt has yet to retire =) 

But anyways, apart from mixing prints, I’m also in earth tones (shades of brown), and again, something I rarely do.  I guess, today’s a day of rarity, huh?  Haha!

Completed my outfit with a pair of snakeskin leather boots in brown!  And accessorized with a choco-cream travel handbag and some sunnies as well!  And yes, I’m off to do some travelling and some much needed break.  Till my next outfit post!  Take care, everyone!  Much love!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cut Above The Rest

If there’s one piece of clothing that I always tell women to have, it’s the LBD (little black dress).  It’s the easiest way to looking presentable and having a chic style.  Plus, it’s the easiest to manage and accessorize as well!  Trust me when I say that any will do =)

For my LBD here, I made use of python printed accessories to add some details to my plain dress.  And while the dress in itself is in a plain and simple cut, it still has that degree of edge and is interesting enough…especially with its strategic lasercut details.  A little revealing, but it’s still classy enough.

So if you want to be a cut above the rest, make sure to own a piece or two of the LBD and spruce it up with accessories and accents  =)

Simple, right?  Much love, everyone!