Sunday, April 20, 2014


I’m quite the athletic type of a girl.  I can run, jump, shoot, strike, spike and be good at any of it; well, except for swimming that is  =P  But give me anything with balls, I can definitely manage.  Oops, no pun intended there, ok?  =P

So when I saw this open-sides pinafore-type dress in one of my fave shops, I was all game to try it out as it resembled those vertical baseball stripes that fashionistas come to love and sport for their ootds.

What really struck me about this dress is its semi-pinafore cut; with sides wide open.  Really edgy!  Wore a bandeau underneath it since I don’t have the guts to just go with a bra.  Old-fashioned daw ang lola, haha!  There’s a little touch of Jap to the dress too (mainly because of its cut and style) so I simply followed suit with a pair of strappy cream & red wedges that are, too, quite Jap-ish.  Capped off my look with, obviously, a cap with partially similar stripe pattern.  Very game-day look, doesn’t it?  Well, I tried dressing it up a little with a black leather bag just to throw off the look a little.

So, how do you like the look?

Outfit details:
Stripe Pinafore dress – Bottomline
Red & Cream Strappy Wedge – Celine
Black Bag – CMG
Cap – Adidas
Accessories – All That’s JAZ

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue White GAP

Don’t we all just love contests and prizes?  I know I do, but of course, that all depends on the type of contest and the prize to be given away.  I mean, if it’s a singing contest….well, I’d rather not.  Don’t suppose I’d wanna get blamed for a sudden downpour should I even dare croak a tune!  Haha!  But anyway, I received an email last week from StyleBible informing me of their StyleBible x GAP #ootd contest promo wherein the winner would take home some P5k worth of GAP goodies!  Coolness, isn’t it?!  And since I’m a follower of StyleBible’s Mystyle and would oftentimes upload my ootd shots there, I figured why not.  That’s P5k worth of GAP items!  Just too hard to pass up, don’t you think?

So here’s what I submitted:

I used a GAP drapey printed burnout tee for this look and paired it with my ripped pants from Decree.  What I love about the GAP shirt is those baroque-like print that’s made out of semi-sheer fabric that’s super comfortable and just perfect for our hot hot summer!  And although the shirt in itself is in a drapey cut, I chose to twist one of the sides and tie it up in a knot for a sexy look.  I know GAP’s branding is pretty much into comfy wear and their style leaning more towards relaxed cool, but I’m in the mood to dress casual chic and comfy sexy this time around so I did what I did  =)  Rolled up my ripped white denim to about ¾ length; since I like pretty much everything cropped these days and I don’t really have a cropped denim that’s fairly usable at this point.  So improvise I did  =)

Worked up my sexy denim look with a pair of even sexier Celine t-strap heels!  Its duo color particularly those neon pink straps sold it for me, and I decided to make use of it in this ootd to give my outfit a little pop of color (apart from the blues and whites that reference the GAP logo).  Accessorized simply with a key necklace, some arm blings, a pair of leopard-spots-framed sunnies and my trusty white handbag that I scored from HK more than a decade back! 

So how do you like my look?

If you’re also interested in joining the StyleBible x GAP ootd contest promo, it’s simple!  Just upload your ootd shot wearing at least one of your favourite GAP pieces. For more details about the contest, head over to StyleBible’s Mystyle page =)

Best of luck to everyone joining!

Much love!!

Outfit details:
Drapey printed burnout tee - GAP
Ripped white denim - Decree
Duo colored t-strap heels - Celine
Bag & accessories - stylist's own

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silver Blue Belle

How many of you were made to wear “terno” or “matching top to bottom outfits” when you were little?  Uh-huh, I see a lot of hands there.  I guess we quite all did huh?  Well, we can’t exactly blame our parents…it was all the rage back then I suppose.  But while I didn’t know much about fashion and ‘usong’ style back then, I sure wasn’t very happy about that trend.  Was actually very happy when I became financially independent and could then wear whatever I wanted to wear.  And that means, at least for me, no matchy-matchy outfits!  Don’t get me wrong…. I’m not saying that it’s a drab style or choice, but rather, it’s just not my personal style and preference.  In fact, I believe you guys have yet to see me wear something remotely close to a “matching top and bottom outfit” ever since I started this blog, right?

But that’s about to change right now…

Matching top and bottom!  Got this pair during one of my more recent sourcing trip, and I’d have to say that I’m totally digging the matching outfit!  That while it’s plain and in a rather subdued color, it still has that appeal and made up for its plainness with edgy cuts on its neckline and a high slit on its side!  O diba, channelling Angelina Jolie ang leg ng lola?  Haha!

Accentuated my outfit with silver jewelry (a chunky necklace and similarly fashioned bracelet brangle), as well as with a pair of purple pumps (para channelling Blake Lively naman, haha!)

Kidding aside though, what do you think about this look?  Like it?  I sure hope so!

Till then!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Come Fly With Me

Whenever I feel sexy but don’t want to show too much skin, I’d throw a lightweight cardigan over.  Just like this:

Still rocking the sexy look but with restraint.  I mean, there are just some days wherein I don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin (ladies, you would know what I mean).  And just like today, I’m feeling the Aztec bralette top and ripped shorts combo but having to take the public transport (no thanks to our number-coding scheme), I don’t suppose I’d like to be hounded by disapproving stares or lewd remarks by wearing so little out in areas that aren’t really used to seeing so much skin, haha!  So, that is where this extra-long cardigan comes in handy  =)  A great coverup for my exposed midriff and my flabby arms, hehe. 

And another thing I like about the cardigan is that it has quite a unique cut….the sides are longer than usual and just as flappy as bird wings!  It can be a bit unforgiving though for those with short legs, so HIGH heels is a MUST!

Accessorized simply with a 1-pc. Fashion feather earrings and a spiked bracelet; which from afar looks like wing tips, right?

Gotta fly off now!  Much love, everyone!

Outfit details:
Long Cardigan – Cache Cache
Aztec Bralette Top – Chase
White Shorts – Forever21
Heels – Summersault

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I’m welcoming the sunny and warm rays of summer by wearing something just as sunny and bright to a garden party reception.

The dress is just a perfect match in this tropical heat when semi-formal attire can be a little too daunting and difficult to handle.  It’s light and airy; given the semi-chiffon fabric that it is made of.  And while I could wear the dress as is, I brought along my white blazer just in case.  Actually, I think I look more like a medical doctor with that white blazer on, haha!  But anyway.  Accessorized with a pair of nude heels and some gold accents like this chunky chain necklace and gold-patterned clutch.

So how do you fab people think of my look?  I sure hope you like it =)

Till then, much love!!

Outfit details:
Yellow and Cream Dress – Arcobaleno
Nude Heels – Aldo
White Blazer – HK find
Accessories – All That’s JAZ

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


John Mayer’s “Your Body Is A Wonderland” got stuck inside my head this morning as I was getting ready to start my day.  I haven’t heard the song for awhile now so when it played over the radio station, I contracted the LSS (last song syndrome) as it went on repeat inside my head.  Haha!

So when I started to dress up, I think I subconsciously reached out for this shirt that says “Wonderland”

It’s a loose shirt with a wide armhole.  And since I’m not the type who could easily get away with showing my lingerie in public, I used a bandeau top alongside.  Paired it with denim shorts and boots for that music festival-ish vibe.  Completed my look with some spiky accessories and a leather tote (just to throw off the look a little bit). 

Anyway, gotta run now.  Have a wonderland, I mean, wonderful day ahead!!  Much love =)

Outfit details:

Top - All That's JAZ
Shorts - thrifted
Boots - SM Parisian
Bag - CMG

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fresh Blooms

Our weather forecast center PAG-ASA just formally declared that summer season has officially started!  Hotta hotta!  And what better way to welcome it than by wearing some fresh blooms!  No, no, I’m not talking about wearing real flowers here; although I won’t have any qualms wearing something made out of such (Lady Gaga, better watch out! Haha!), but instead I’m talking about printed ones. 

And not only am I in the mood for some fresh blooms but for a peplum skirt as well!  Luckily I have a floral printed peplum skirt in my recent stash which I don’t think I’ve used for an ootd before.  So this is definitely a fresh one, haha!  And while peplums have gone out of rage these days, I couldn’t care less as I put my skirt on…..after all, I’m feeling a little full on my tummy today, so I desperately need the cover of those peplum flaps, haha!

Chose a navy tank top to go with my peplum skirt, primarily because I’m feeling a little too warm (hey hey, it’s summer indeed!) and I don’t wanna feel icky come midday with a sleeved blouse.  Worked up my look for a day in an office with green/gold peeptoe heels.  Chose this pair to throw off my outfit’s color a bit, but of course, I did made sure to blend them all in with some gold accents….like this chain necklace.  That’s what I love about accessorizing…it makes an outfit look well put together, as much as it gives an outfit that additional texture and lotsa oomph!

That’s all for now.  So how do you guys feel about my look?
Catch ya later!  Keep fresh ye’all  =)

Outfit details:
Tank top – Top Manila
Peplum Skirt – All That’s JAZ
Peeptoe Heels – SM Parisian
Accessories – All That’s JAZ

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty In Pink

Soft and delicate.  That’s what the color pink connotes.  And that is also the reason why baby girls are clothed in pink and have pretty much everything in the same shade, while little boys get the blue hues.  And as we grow older, some of us might outgrow the pinks and the blues and gravitate towards other colors.  But the fact still stands that ladies would most often feel that much ‘at home’ with the color pink.  And to be honest, I think we ladies feel rather girly-lovely in it, don’t we?  =)

I’m no exception.  I always feel dainty in pink, regardless of my age.  And this short mini cutout jumper skirt makes me feel all the more girly  =P  I don’t really know how much longer I can keep up in wearing dainty short dresses without looking like I’m trying too hard, so while I still can and manage, I’m wearing them until I tire of them, haha!  Isuot na ang lahat ng pwedeng isuot, hindi ba? Hehe.  So when the time comes that I should retire from wearing these hip clothes, I could just settle with dainty color choices….like a pink top!  Haha!  Pink pa rin, para pretty!  =P

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Much love, everyone!

Outfit details:
Cutout Jumper Skirt – All That’s JAZ
Pink Ribbonette Heels – So Fab
Turquoise Belt - thrifted
Mini Hand Bag - Tint

Monday, March 24, 2014


We ladies love a form-fitting dress, don’t we?  And in my case, I love this bodycon lasercut dress so much that I think I’ll be overusing!  Haha! 

It’s actually a gift from a biz friend of mine and the moment I tried it on and saw that it fitted so well (despite the fact that it’s a free-sized item) I was super duper in love with it!  I mean, I’ve never really owned a form-fitting dress before as I’m always super conscious of showing my unnecessary curves, but this one right here hugged me in all the right places without actually divulging my fears (showing my flabbies here and there)!  And of course, it helped too that I was wearing seamless undergarments… visible bra and panty lines!! 

Paired my blue bodycon dress with mustard cork wedges and a similarly-colored clutch.  Accessorized simply with a pair of bejewelled earrings and a gold feather-inspired bangle.  For formal events, I would’ve chosen to wear basic pumps with the dress but since the affair I’m attending isn’t really ‘strictly’ formal, I went with my adventurous side and settled with the quirky cork wedges instead =)

Like it, dearies?
Much love!  Mwah mwah!!

Outfit details:
Bodycon Dress - Bottomline
Cork Wedges – Parisian
Clutch – All That’s JAZ
Bejewelled Earrings – Forever 21
Feather Inspired Bangle – All That’s JAZ

Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Fine Day

I’m seeing so many international fashion bloggers wearing faux fur clothing recently.  Partly maybe because it’s still fall/autumn in many parts of the world.  And luckily for us here in the country, we too are still feeling some cool breeze; despite the fact that it is supposed to be summer already (March is / has always been the start of the summer season here in the Phils)!

And taking advantage of the weather and such a fine day that it is today, I managed a warm cozy top for this ootd shot. 


It’s not really faux fur, but it is quite similar in fashion in the sense that it is cozy and textured.  I think I’m calling it a towelette top in view of its towel-like texture, haha! It’s just a little glamourized =P  Paired this cozy top with a studded dual tone (black and gray) mini and polished up the look with some tattoo-print stockings; which are so cool and so on-trend these days.  Got mine in a simple flower tattoo print at the sides of my ankles.  Hmm…I think I could rock a real tattoo like this one, huh? 

 Haha!  Maybe next time  =P

Completed my look with my trusty beaded heels, a box bag and a bonnet.  A soft comfy style, mayhap, a little Kpop as well, don’t you think?

Till the next post! Have a fine day ahead, my loves!

Outfit details:
White Furry Towellette Top – Chase
Gray with Black Stud Mini – Virus
Blue Beaded Heels – So Fab!
Box Bag – Bangkok find
Cream Bonnet – Greenhills Shopping Center