Sunday, July 5, 2015

Relax & Rewind

There's always comfort and joy to simple dressing, don't you think?  When it's time for some R&R, who'd wanna be all dressed up, right?  I mean, what's the point of dressing and overloading oneself with accessories when all you'd be doing is lounging around and chill-axing?  For the sake of being fashionable?  Oh, puh-lease.  SIMPLE can be fashionable too, you know.  Or haven't you seen advertorial campaigns the likes of Marks & Spencer, Mango, Zara bearing models wearing as simple as a tank and a pair of loose trouses?  Yes, that simple, yet so effortlessly chic when you think about it.

So for today, I'm copying that laid-back style and doing this:

Wearing a plain white tank top with a pair of loose khaki slacks that I folded at the bottom....just so that it'll look more home-y, hehe.  And of course, a pair of slip-on sandals to complete my R& R look.  Note that I'm not wearing any jewelry / accessory at all, because as I've mentioned, there's comfort and joy in simple dressing.

So how do you dress down on your R&R days/nights?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Still In Line With You

Some people can only be in your heart, but not in your life.  The sooner you learn to accept that fact, the easier it is for you to move on and to get that smile back on your face. 

I know I may not be a love guru, and may not necessarily give out acceptable love advice, but I do know for sure that if you are sad and depressed, you’ll age faster.  So let go of your emotional baggage with positive thinking and acceptance, ok? 

But enough of that, let’s stay on the fashion course (coz after all this is a fashion blog) and talk about my ootd:

I’m staying in line with you guys in a pinstripe long-sleeve top and denim shorts.  What I love about the top is it’s cut-open front….a different twist to a standard long-sleeved top, don’t you think?  It looks quite Jap-ish and that’s why I decided to use a black sash for a belt….to kinda complete the Jap-ish vibe going  =)  In fact, I think my choice of accessories for this look too looks more Jap-ish than ever.  Take for example my black & gold tote, as well as my wide-strappy sandals….both I believe are common sights on the streets of Tokyo  =)

So did my outfit post today connected with you guys?  Sure hope so!  Keep in line, fabulous peeps!  Much love!

Monday, June 29, 2015


You all know by now that I’m not a big fan of prints, right?  Especially when it comes to pants and trousers….I like them plain. 

But I’m making an exception this time around ;) 

See?  A houndstooth printed pair!  And I must say, I’m loving it!  Very striking (without the fuss) and edgy, but so chic at the same time…..even with just a plain sleeveless top! Now if you’ve noticed, I like plain with prints combo better than print-on-prints.  It’s evident in my outfit posts as I hardly ever do full-on prints or color-blocked schemes.  This time is no different too.  Stayed with monochrome black and white; head to toe  =)

Pretty classic chic, huh?  Well, that’s it for today.  Till the next!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Denim 'Em Stripes

Just how do you wear denim jeans in this freakin' scorching heat of summer?  I know a lot of you can actually manage the heat, but unfortunately for me, I have so little tolerance to it that just a couple of seconds out in the open rays of the sun would literally melt me *insert a melting Frosty the Snowman here*  Nyahaha!

No.  Seriously.

So again, just how do you tolerate this heat when you're not supposed to wear anything that's close to nothing?  Meaning, no skimpy outfits.  Meaning, I'm off to accompany my mom to a temple so I need to look decent enough.  Hmm... how about this?

Denim pants and a sleeveless top takes my fancy this time.  At least, I'm not too fully clothed; gives my body a little more room to breathe, especially since my striped top is sheer and loose.  And speaking of loose, it's actually a tie top so I could opt to tie it up or down depending on where I'll be in the next couple of hours.  Down and loose at the temple, and most likely up and tight like what I have here in this shot, afterwards  =P

So that's how I'm wearing denim on hot hot days such as this.  How about you guys?

Have a sizzling day ahead!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Denim Overload

The thought of wearing denim in summer makes me sweat, and I mean that literally and figuratively!  But there are just those days wherein we’d need to look casual but not too casual for events.  And these are the days wherein I suppose going full-on denim would be swell (and cool).

Worked up a denim-on-denim casual-but-not-too-casual look with a pair of black jeans and a racerback printed top accentuated by a Chinese-collared denim jacket!  While collared denim jackets are more edgy, these collarless ones are class-ier  =)

Accessorized with a pair of duo-color T-strap heels and sunglasses, and oh, let’s not forget our silver-lined denim-printed hobo bag as well.

Gotta hit the road now!  Catch you all on the next post!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Sure wish I was somewhere in Hawaii to wear this:

So this is the 2nd set that I was handed with.  A green bikini top and a black bottom.  I actually like this….that while it’s a relatively simple and plain set, you can match it with your other printed sets  =)

Added a piece of netted pants to my bikini set.  It’s not your usual coverup top, but rather a coverdown bottom  hehe!  Perfect for those who aren’t comfortable baring so much skin waist-down; or those like me who don’t have super pretty legs to showcase *huhu*

So leaving you guys with my sweetest Aloha!  Till the next post!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunny Stripes

I’ve never done any summer beachwear outfit shot, haven’t I?  Well, apart from the fact that it’s one of the few items that I haven’t received any collaborations with, I’m not really a swimwear fanatic, and I’m not as comfortable in one either.

But then, someone finally handed me with a set (actually, it’s 2) and I had no choice but to do an outfit style inspiration now.

It’s a black and white striped 2-pc bikini for me!  And since I’m not too comfortable showing too much skin, I decided to throw in a crochet top in mustard.  Accessorized plainly in shades of brown and green….brown sandals and green wooden ornaments  =)

And what’s beach and swimwear without ‘em sunglasses and beach bag, right?  So there, incorporated a ‘banig’ bag and used my sunglasses as hairband for this look.

So what do you think about my first-time ever summer swimwear outfit style shot?  Hope you like it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not That Short

Knee-length cutoff pants.  That's what I have for you guys today; and it's a first!  I mean, have you seen me in shorts that aren't that short?  =P  I haven't really!  Not since my elementary days; where 'puruntong' cuts were the predominant style back then.  To be honest, I wasn't really into that fashion too...what with me being short and that half-length cut just kinda makes me all the more short!  So yeah, no thanks really.

But thank God for high heels!  Finally, I think I could look good in 'em knee-length cutoffs!

When these knee-length cutoffs came bouncing off the fashion runways down to practically every fashion label, I told myself it's high-time for me to put this cutoff pair back and into my wardrobe =P  While I know it's a predominantly R&R homey style, I decided to polish the pants up by wearing a long-sleeve top and a pair of strappy heels.  I could've opted for a pair of basic pumps for a more classic look, but since I'm on contemporary mode, I ditched the thought and went with this sexier pair.  Completed my look with an oversized travel handbag.

So what do you think about this short but not so short pants look?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gold Rush

The heat is on!  Well, at least for me it is, what with me wearing knits in this summer heat!  *insert pig roasting in an open fire peg*  Haha!

But no, don't worry, this is just an outfit inspiration for a friend's shop  =)  Not really wearing this out and into our 40degrees weather!

So that's what I do...I take a piece of clothing and do different outfit style inspiration for some people's shops &/or their clients.  But anyways, regarding this particular outfit, while I've always liked pairing knits with liquid leggings (a mix of coarse and soft fabrics), I've decided to stray away from the usual this time around and instead paired my golden knit crop top with a pair of high-waisted ripped shorts.  I wanted a sexy look for this outfit shot and that's why I made use of the black lingerie and those sky-high gold sequined heels.  We all know that nothing beats wearing high heels when it comes to looking and feeling sexy, right?  *wink*

And the black lingerie, well, that's a given....a little see-through effect adds to the appeal, plus, black with gold?  Perfect combination  =)

Just for effect, I tied my leg with a long sheer scarf...lady assassin style.  Actually, that should've been a garter strap right there, but since we have none, well, we just made do with whatever we had =P

So that's all for today!  Much love, 'ya all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's A Wrap!

I hardly wear this brown cotton shift dress these days.  I guess, when I stopped working in the corporate field my shift dresses also took the retirement, hehe.  It is only when I’m tired of mixing/matching and pairing tops with bottoms, or when I need to be somewhere and had to look decent that I pull these shift dresses out from hibernation  =P

And today’s one of those days.  Picked out this particular one here simply because I always feel sexy wearing it.  Not that it’s revealing, but rather, the dress fits me well and it shows my curves while necessarily hiding my tummy flab.  Thanks to that extra fabric on both sides of my hips….I could tie it whichever way I like and thus hide whatever it is that I feel like hiding  =)

Now that’s a wrap!  Much love, everyone!!