Saturday, February 28, 2015

High Up

I’m getting addicted to wearing turtleneck tops these days.  It’s the weather, I suppose.  But really, this is probably the only time that I could manage wearing high-collars and long sleeved garments without feeling uncomfortably warm.  Yes, I’m quite allergic to heat.  Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit right there, so the better word to use I guess should have been, h mmm, that I have a low tolerance to heat? Or perhaps, we could just put it out as….I sweat too much.  Any which way, I think you all get what I mean here =P

But since we still have a bit of the cool breeze here in the country, I’m taking advantage of it and wearing all my turtleneck and long-sleeved tops, hehe!  And for today’s pairing, I made use of my DIY-cutout leggings and tied another long-sleeve sheer top on my hips to give my silhouette a little more shape.  Finished off with a pair of sneakers, and decided last minute to again pull my hair up.  Coz after all, since I have a dark outfit on, I need a clean-er face to offset and balance the look =)

So whatcha say?

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Short flowy mini dresses are perfect for summer, but I’m not waiting for the warmth and heat of the season to start wearing them.  I mean, why wait for the trend to kickstart, when you can wear ‘em now and start the pace, right?  Haha, I’m such a nonconformist, aren’t I?  =P  Well, I’m that, and more…

‘Coz I’m a wildflower child too, hehe!  No, actually, the flower print is called ‘wildflower’ that’s all  =P  Mixed and matched a denim studded vest together with a pair of boots to add some spunk to the look / dress.

So how do you like this look?

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Reason To Smile

So this is the 2nd outfit style inspiration shot of the sweater that I received as a gift.  Remember my 1st look?  The geek-preppy look?  Well, if you can’t, just scroll below or click HERE.

Considering that I’ve already done a pants routine, might as well change into a skirt this time around and create a girly look.  The floral skirt makes the sweater top look demure and by accessorizing with a pair of nude pumps and a velvet-y box bag, it takes the look into a whole new level of softness, doesn’t it?  A pretty good reason for me to smile, right?  =)

Well, you fashionistas have a pretty good reason to smile too!  I mean, if you’re taking my ootd as a reference point (or an inspiration, as some would like to call it) for your own style and getup, I’m pretty sure you’d wanna know where to conveniently shop for items similar to (or dare I say even, better than) what I have on in my ootds, right? 

So how about if I tell you that you can find all that you’ve been searching for; be it fashionable pieces or unique styles, online?  Yes, I kid you not!  And while there’s a legion of those shops online these days selling everything that is fashion, I would still have to say that Zalora’s selection of women's fashion is simply gorgeous and breathtaking! From basics to formal style, name it they’ve got it all!  And that, to me, spells infinite styling possibilities =)

So trust me now when I say that we all have a lovely reason to smile today! 

Much love, everyone!  Till my next outfit post!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Urban Chic

This is going to be another simple and quite literal outfit shot.  I mean just look to my top and you’ll know what this ootd post is all about.

Urban. Chic. Nothing quite says it more aptly than an all-white ensemble and some black accessories for accent.  It’s a very plain and simple outfit, but it goes to prove that one does not need a lot to look fashionably chic.

Wearing this outfit out to meet with a friend.  Haven’t been in touch for awhile now, so I’m guessing our lunch date might pretty much extend till coffee/tea time.  That’s good, of course.  Although I hope that I won’t spill something on my outfit….I mean I could get lousy and careless over time, so best of luck to me and my getup, haha!

Till then, much love!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mr. Mr.

A friend of mine gifted me with a fine wool Uniqlo sweater and as a tribute, I’ll be doing 2 outfit shots using it.  For today, I’m sharing with you this look:

It’s another sort-of strange geeky look, isn’t it?  Perhaps it’s because of the way I posed, haha!  But kidding aside, the collared shirt + sweater + checkered pants + brogues combination is more of a preppy style, and by accentuating the look with a necktie and some round glasses, it becomes a geeky take on the preppy look  =)

So this is the first of my 2 looks using the Uniqlo sweater that my friend gave me.  If you’re not into this kind of style, no worries, as I have yet another outfit inspiration shot which I’ll be sharing with you in the next coming days.  For now, enjoy this eccentricity of mine and may it bring you some good cheer / laugh =P

Till then!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whirlwind Romance

Happy Valentines all ye fashionistas!

And while I still haven’t a special someone to celebrate this day with (haven’t celebrated V-day in years, or is it decades now?! harhar), I’m wearing (or should I rather say, incorporating) the traditional V-day color in my outfit today.  It’s a first, should I say, as I’m usually in a color other than red (or any shade remotely close to that).

So here’s my ootd:

It’s not red-red per se, but it’s close enough (and vibrant enough) for me =)  Fell in love instantly with this skirt’s color, so I didn’t have a moment’s hesitation when I was handed with it.  Paired it with a creamy-white criss-cross neckline top and cinched my waistline with a gold belt.  Completed my outfit with gold accessories.  It’s quite a lady-like outfit, and if only the skirt could’ve been longer, I think it could pretty much pass as an elegant formal attire =)  And yes, that wrap neckline top too, so very classy sexy!

Now only if I have a date!  A whirl-wind romance just like this outfit I have on here will be oh-so-perfect already!!  *dream mode on*  Haha!

Anyways, have a wonderful and romantic V-day ahead, everyone!  We all deserve some love!

Much love to all!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Red Means Stop

Bold, fiery and definitely attention-grabbing.  That’s what the color red entails.  So if you plan on being spotted and on catching everyone’s attention, I suggest you wear RED.  And you have already achieved 50% of your purpose already.  The remaining 50%, well, is all up to how you style and carry yourself =)

For today’s ootd, I decided I wanna make people stop in their tracks, haha!

And that’s why I’m wearing a bright and bold red sweater top!  It sort of like screams “stop and look”!  Paired it with my ripped denim shorts in jet black and played up my look with a pair of printed stockings and suede booties.  Then finally, I capped off my look with a bowler hat and grabbed my backpack for this ootd shot.

Actually, I hardly wear stockings these days, but seeing that my shorts are really, well, ‘short’ (especially at the back) and considering that I don’t want the undersides of my tush showing, printed stockings are my ‘best friends’ for that sheer added coverage =)  Of course, while I want to attract and catch people’s attention, I’m not about to shock them with unnecessary skin exposure, right?  Hehe.

See ya at the next!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Today I find myself feeling rather modest:

I’m covered from head to toe, don’t I? Quite a big change from my usual style, if you happen to know and follow me here on social media =)  But anyways, it’s not really what I’m wearing out for today, but rather, it’s just another outfit inspiration that I’m doing for a friend of mine who’s selling some imported knitted garments.  She needed me to do some ‘how to wear this item’ ideas and this is just one of the styles that I came up with.  While I may be partial to knits-with-liquid-leggings or knits-with-shorts pairing, I decided to do something more than the usual….to give her potential clients a little more style options =)

Paired the knit top with a floral maxi skirt and some wide strappy sandals, then finished off the look with a weave hat and shoulder bag.  It’s a little country style and definitely very modest, but it’s a nice look to go out in, especially when on vacay =)

So there you have it, another outfit style and hopefully it serves as an inspiration for some of you.  Much love!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love The Nightlife

Alicia Bridges’ I love the nightlife song keeps poppin up in my mind and went on rewind as I was starting to decide on what to wear for tonight.  While bar and disco getup isn’t for me now (considering my age), I still like a little bit of glitzy/shiny/sparkly getup  =P  So this is what I’ve settled in for tonight’s agenda:

A sparkly sequin crop top, along with a similar fashion jacket, makes my pair of worn-out boyfriend jeans look presentable and polished.  And by using a pair of t-strap heels and tying my hair up into a high ponytail, it makes my look sort-of ‘gimmick appropriate’, doesn’t it?

Finally got to use my faux-croc skin shoulder bag that my friend gave me a long time ago.  Trust me, it aged in my closet and if I didn’t had that general cleaning, I would’ve probably forgotten about this lovely bag already.  So thank goodness for that spell of ‘kasipagan’.  Haha!

So anyways, let’s all have a good night ahead!  Enjoy but everything in moderation, ok?  Much love!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I’m going crazy over how our weather could be so bipolar and change from one condition to another in a quick as a snap.  So while the sun started shining already, I’m sticking to this outfit that I’m wearing when the first few drops of rain and chilly wind came early this morning:

It’s a white long-sleeve turtleneck top paired with a denim midi skirt (which has this rather edgy cut at the bottom end).  The 2 items (even as separates) seem to remind me of items seen inside a mental facility, haha!  A straight jacket and a jagged experiment, per ce  =P

And that’s also the reason why I’ve titled this post as Mental (other than the fact that I’m going cray over our weather system).  Worked up my look with a pair of rough boots and a handsome bag.  Completed my mental look with a mental attitude….weird posing na naman ang lola!  Haha!

Anyways, I sure hope you don’t have my similar mental episode and instead have a very good and bright day ahead!  Mwah!!