Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jog In Place

Taking from the runways of the Spring 2015 Philippine Fashion Week, sporty style will still be much on trend for the coming year.  As such, I’m taking my exercise outfit out for some fashion spin:

I’m wearing a cotton-y jogging pants, but instead of my usual go-to pairing of plain shirt, this time, I chose a bandeau top and toned down the sporty-sexiness of my bare abs (naks!) with a moto jacket.

The jacket actually toughens up my look so I look rather street-style ghetto cool rather than sexy, especially with my sneaker and cap on  =)

I’m not actually going for a jog / exercise in this look, but on the contrary, I’ll be running busy along (counts as exercise, hehe) our stock room, so this outfit is ‘cool’ enough to sport in an area that’s a bit dry and humid (sans the jacket, of course).

Getting along now.  Have a productive day ahead!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For The Win

Doing a preppy style is so much easier with a checkered pleat schoolgirl skirt!

Paired my skirt with a numbered shirt.  I really like the peach-y color of the shirt as it goes well with the blue-white-gray pattern of my skirt.  Made use of a similarly patterned knee-high socks with basic pumps for that high-school-ish preppy look  =)

I know this look isn’t really a popular choice here in our country, but it is so in Japan and Korea.  One of the reasons would probably be due to the fact that it really is their school uniform style; whereas we here in the country are a bit more conservative…particularly on the cut, make and length of our school skirts.  But anyway, I digress.  So for the win, oh, I mean the record, here’s to my simple take on the casual preppy look!  *cheers*

Have a good day ahead!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Just what do you wear to a slumber party during the cooler months of December?  I’m usually a shorts + shirt gal, but on much cooler nights I’d rather a sweater and some really comfy short shorts.

Wore a pair of colourful stripe boxers together with my oversized waffle knit sweater.  Now I know why boys like wearing boxers….they’re light and very comfy.  As in parang wala kang suot!  Haha!  But seriously though, they’re a cool choice for sleepwear.  And I mean that literally and figuratively too; as they come in really nice patterns and prints!  It’s also a sexy choice for when staying indoors with your boyfie, don’t you think? *wink*

Now just to make my simple sweater + boxers combo a bit more photo-ready and a bit more fashionable, I added a printed beanie and chose a pair of ornamental slippers much in the same natural earthy hue  =)

So there you have it.  My fave sleepwear attire.  Have a fun weekend!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tickled Pink

I haven’t done any sweet look lately, haven’t I?  Well, it’s mostly because of my clothes (isisi ba sa mga damit, haha)!  No, seriously.  Clothes do contribute to the overall feel of one’s look.  It’s cut, style and color can definitely influence one’s look.  Although of courser, one cannot just simply allow for the clothes to wear the wearer, don’t we?  And that is the reason why we still have to know how to “carry” our look  =)

For today, since I’ve missed doing a sweet look, I decided to go with a soft pink woollen top which when paired with a soft white skater skirt makes me look ultra-feminine. Do I not?

Completed my look with an equally lovely pair of strappy heeled soles in soft beige.  And for that little burst of color, I held on to a bold red patterned clutch.  Now to complement my ensemble, I went with a ‘demure’ pose for this outfit shot  =P

So how’d you like my style?  Let me hear your thoughts, k?  Much love!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Big Loving

Supersize me.  That’s what I’d like to call this shirt:

Big bold LOVING!  Now who’s to say that I don’t have some big love, ei?  Kinda obvious now, isn’t it?  Haha!  Well, it really is a seriously big and loose shirt to wear.  But if there’s one thing I love about oversized clothing, it’s the cool comfort that it brings =)

Given that I don’t wanna look lousy in an oversized shirt, I resolved to go with a ‘sexy’ look by pairing it with a ripped high-waist denim shorts and leopard print pumps.  Hotta hotta!  I know!  =P

So there you have it, another simple look brought to you by this ‘hot’ and big loving sistah!  Till then, big big love to all!  Mwah!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sporty Spice

Whenever I see uniform shirts / numbered shirts for that matter, I can’t help but think about my high-school volleyball varsity days.  So can you blame me when I say that after I got this shirt all I could really think about is a volleyball game?  Hehe.  And this outfit shot:

I think it’s a cool-er version of those varsity shirts that we used to have.  Not only is it in a sleeveless make, but the sheer mesh cloth is fashionably printed with floral details….definitely not your typical varsity uniform  =P

Matched my cool top with a pair of cotton short shorts.  You know those types being used in sports?  Yes, those  =)  And to complete my look, I went with this thigh-high socks with silver stripe details and some good ‘ol sneakers. 

To make my look all the more ‘cool’ I grabbed my rim-patterned dark sunglasses and posed for this outfit shot.

A bit sporty.  A bit spice.  And I hope it’s all nice  =)  Have a great day ahead!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alley Cat

I’ll be treading the small streets in downtown Manila today.  Expecting some major pedestrian traffic considering it’s the weekend and the holiday rush is setting in as well.  Gosh, can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner and that another year is about to become another year that was! 

So how are your holiday preparations coming along?  I, for one, am gearing up for the holidays this early….can’t tolerate last-minute shopping and those loooong lines and looong hours!  So for today, I’m maneuvering the streets and shops in this:

A denim jumper and a striped orange shirt together with sneakers and cap is my getup for today.  Somehow the orange stripes reminds me of an alley kitty cat (the ones with stripes)!  Haha!  And thus, my post title, hehe.

But kidding aside, this is just the perfect getup for street strolling and bargain sourcing!  So anyway, gotta get going now.  Till the next!  Mwah!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sail The Streets

When I was gifted with this new Parisian pair of shoes, all I could think about is a new outfit post.  Haha!  Excited much =P  Seriously though, I’ve always loved Parisian shoes for its comfort and style (not to mention its affordability too!), and this brand new pair is everything that I claim that it is:

It’s a wide-strapped chunky-heeled pair!  Very much on trend in the international fashion scene, simply because it’s a flexible style….it can easily be paired with just about anything….from skirts, to shorts to pants, whatever you feel like wearing it’s going to rock with this pair!  So anyway, here’s what I’ve put together for today:

A striped maxi dress with a high-slit on the side is my pick for today.  I’m actually wearing it as is with my new pair of Parisian heels.  The mix actually has a resort vibe going, thanks to the marine-like stripes.  But since I’m not heading towards the beach or a leisure spot, I’m making my look a bit more street by adding a cropped denim vest.

So there you have it, my look for today!  Hope you enjoyed this!  Much love!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lip Smacking

Ever had those glow-in-the-dark stick-ons when you were a kid?  I remember sticking them everywhere possible, but my favourite were in my room’s walls and on my shirts.  I remember using Elmer’s glue to keep them from falling off, haha!  But anyway, that was a really long time ago.  These days, we don’t need to go through that much fuss just to have a shirt that glows.  And the proof is right here in my ootd:

It’s a shirt with neon lips!  And it really glows in the dark too!  Funky cool, isn’t it?  Paired it with a light-gold mini and some Adidas kicks (with neon shoe strings!) to complete my funky cool look.  Actually, it is also quite a sporty street look, don’t you think?  =)

Accessorized in the same colourful pattern with ‘em plastic rectangular hoops.  NO, they’re not glow-in-the-dark!  For heaven’s sake, it they’d be, I’d look like a walking neonlight, haha!  So, thankfully they’re not  =P

Anyway, here’s to another lip-smacking ootd!  Much love to all! Mwah!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Party In The USA

Today’s outfit inspiration?  Put your hands up, it’s a party in the USA!

A little Kesha-ish and a little bit Miley Cyrus-ey, but it’s one fo the most worn and accepted style especially for outdoor parties.  Not familiar with the look?  Here’s my take:

A loose USA flag-print racerback top + high-waisted ripped shorts + boots = party outfit look

Now add a black moto jacket, some dark-rimmed sunglasses and a sling bag and we’re all set to go….ala-pre-teen MIley Cyrus singing “Party in the USA”  =P

So let’s get the party started!!  Hey hey!!