Sunday, January 25, 2015

Drop It Low

So you want to look sexy without trying too hard?  Well, I’ve got the perfect thing just for you!  A sexy top is all you’ll ever need to look and feel comfortably sexy!

An off-shoulder frill top (with option to use as a one-shoulder piece) is a pretty good idea to wear whenever you want to look comfortably sexy; and it’s also a darn good idea if you are on a tight budget as the top can be worn in 2 different ways / style.  More wearing options mean more creative styles / looks, right?  I mean you could go with a  sweet boho look by pairing it with a maxi skirt; or go casual in a pair of shorts and flats.  In my case though, I chose to look street chic in denim jeans and heels.  I just amped up my look with gold accessories and a snake-skin clutch / wristbag.

So there you have it….my style inspiration for this sexy top.  I’m sure you guys would have more looks with this one too.  Have a nice day ahead!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

H & M Basics

Who here doesn’t love H&M, hmm?  I don’t suppose there is any one here who is not in love with this fashion chain.  Apart from their wide selection of fashionable items, I believe theirs is the best value for money there is!  I mean, one can score a lot of great and fabulous finds, but I’m personally drawn towards their BASICS line.  While I can say that we here in the country are turning out / becoming more fashion-conscious and style-adventurous, we still are predominantly a Tshirt + Jeans + Sneakers country.  And aside from that, nobody really gets tired of the basics, right?  I mean, we can sport a lot of different styles every now and then, but we always go back to the basics….particularly on our most casual and dress-down days.

So for today, I’m also going back to basics:

An ox-blood colored tank with a striped mini skirt looks sexy on a fair-skinned girl like me, so to bring down the sexiness a notch, I decided to wear a pair of leggings underneath my skirt and matched the look with some ox-blood colored sneakers as well.  It’s not really on-trend but I’m trying the look out nevertheless.  It’s more like an 80’s look that I kinda missed seeing out on the streets  =)  But anyway, I’m taking this rewind attitude to the streets today….hopefully though I don’t shock that much people  =P

Have fun everyone!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Way Or The Highway

Have I told you about my latest obsession?  It’s the high-waisted cut style!  Be it shorts or pants, I’m a little crazy for these at the moment.  In fact, I received 3 high-waisted denim jeans just last weekend!  Talk about over-receiving, haha! 

So anyway, here’s my favourite pair:

Dark-blue jeans give off a slimmer silhouette, while the high-waisted cut elongates my short legs.  It’s no wonder why I’ve totally fallen in love with this pair….coz I look so tall, sexy and slim!  Haha!

Wore a cropped loose shirt in Hawaiian print and some high heels to further create that perfect silhouette (remember the Golden Rule?)

By wearing a crop top, I kinda shortened my upper half and in wearing a high-waist pants, I lengthened my bottom part, thus creating that ‘Golden Number’ ‘perfect ratio’.  And that’s the trick we short ladies have to remember whenever we dress up  =) 

Now if there’s one good thing about my body, it’s the fact that I’m not one of those ladies who are perennially bothered by ‘bilbil’ or ‘puson’ so I can wear as much crop tops and high-waist bottoms as I want.

So there you go.  Another day.  Another outfit post.  But till then, here’s my warmest hugs and kisses to all!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

In Knit To Win It

Quite chilly these past few days, don’t you think?  Thanks (or should I say no thanks) to another tropical depression that’s expected to enter our country in the next couple of hours.  Now while I don’t have any qualms about the chilly winds, I sure hope and pray that the weather disturbance won’t cause our country much trouble. 

But that aside, the cold chilly weather today, for me, is actually an opportunity to bring out and wear my heavier knits and jackets  =P

I’m wearing a tube top under a knit lace sando.  And then, I piled on a heavier knit vest over my combo and cigarette pants.  Laced up my rugged boots to keep me completely warm.  It’s actually a very warm combo….considering both texture and color palette (warm earth tones).  It’s always nice to wear warmer hues when the weather’s all gray and cold.  It gives off that much needed sunshine and warmth, in my opinion  =)

So that’s what I have in store for today.  Keep safe and warm, everyone!  Much love!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Check This Out

Another trend that made a number of appearances on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week is the checkered / tartan print.  Quite a masculine print, it is for most part edgy, but it can sure take on a number of different styles.  For today, I’m doing an edgy chic style as an outfit inspiration.  So please do check this out:

Another crop top.  Another high-waist bottom.  It’s been my favourite mix lately because the style mix suits me and elongates the bottom half of my body; something I really need as I have short legs, sad to say  =(

For this look, I used this blue crop checkered top and matched it with a plain high-slit high-waisted pencil skirt.  Toughened up the look with a pair of black leather booties, but chic-ified it by adding a fuzzy shoulder wrap.  Technically, it’s no wrap but instead a ¾ sleeve top that I just used as a pile-on  =)

Kept my accessories to a minimum and just grabbed a multi-colored bag before heading out.  But of course, not before taking this outfit shot first  =P

Time to go now!  Much love!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Turtlenecks And Windbreakers

Doing another outfit style inspiration for a friend who’s into the wholesale clothing biz.  So this is what I came up with for the sleeveless turtleneck knit top that they asked me to style:

Rather than doing a basic top + bottom outfit style, I decided against the norm and instead took inspiration from the 80s.  Remember the Shorts + Skirt + Leggings look?  Well, I’m bringing that fashion back!  As if, hehe!  But really, it’s a cool and hip outfit / style that hasn’t seen the limelight in decades.  So perhaps, we can re-introduce it today, hmm?  =)  Plus, our weather’s still cool, so we can still sport the look comfortably too, so no worries about heat and sweat as well.

So for this outfit style, I took 2 different shots.  One with a long windbreaker coat and one without.  I look a bit Kpop-py with my makeshift handkerchief-turned-headband and sneakers on, don’t you think?

So how do you guys feel about this look?  Crossing my fingers that you love it.  Till the next outfit style inspiration…mwah mwah!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Stripe Out

In my experience, horizontal stripes are much more common in the fashion industry, as it never goes out of style and is worn all throughout the year.  But once in awhile, the vertical stripes will make its presence a bit more strongly felt…just like when the baseball uniform shirts became the latest craze a couple of months back. This time though, fashion is taking the pinstripe down south  =P

From shorts to skirts to pants, the pinstripe is the design choice of many fashionistas.  And of course, we’re not about to be striped out; so here’s my take on the newest trend:

I’m wearing a pair of charcoal gray with white pinstripe shorts.  But instead of my usual shirt + shorts combo, I went with a sleeveless frill blouse for a change.  Kept my overall look sporty still in a pair of sneakers and sports cap.

So how do you like the outfit?

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Blue

Hooray for 2015!  I’ve been blog silent for the holidays, so kindly excuse that, but I’m back here with another outfit post to start the year. 

Now while practically everyone’s wearing RED (as feng shui experts say that it’s to help bring in luck / prosperity), I’m once again going against the norm by wearing this:

A blue-violet turtleneck top with black skinnies!  It’s a bit dark for a new year getup, I know, so I made sure to brighten it a bit by adding a glittery silver-gold scarf. 

That’s the beauty of ‘em scarves, they add texture and breathe life to an otherwise plain and boring ensemble.  And of course, they’re just the right amount of extra warmth you need on those cool days.

Finished off with a pair of studded heels and an envelope clutch.

So here’s to the New Year!  May this 2015 bring us all closer to our dreams and aspirations!  Much love, everyone!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fashion Icon

When we talk about fashion icons, who comes into your mind?  Anna Wintour? Coco Chanel? Kate Moss? Well, whoever they may be, I’m sure they’ve pretty much influenced your personal style and the manner that you dress =)

On my part, as I’m pretty much eclectic, I look to many fashion icons and take inspiration from their varying styles.  Much like today’s ootd, I’m quite varied in this:

A sweater top layered on top of a collared lace shirt is a preppy combo, but by pairing it with leggings, boots and a tied shirt on the waist, the look now is more eclectic than it is preppy.  It’s a little weird and nerdy and edgy all at the same time, don’t you think? 

I’m wearing this out today as the weather is cool and breezy….just the perfect outfit to keep myself warm and comfortable. 

Now while I’m no fashion icon, I do hope though that my outfit shots serve as a style inspiration for some =)

So that’s all for today!  Advancing you all a Happy New Year!  Much love!

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hooray for the weekend!  And while I don’t have to wear a uniform on a daily basis like most of those who go to work, weekends still are my favourite days of the week as I can go really casual and have fun with my ensemble.  Much like today:

I’m wearing a cropped baseball shirt with a high-waisted black shorts and a pair of sneakers.  It’s a game-day outfit, especially with the cap on, I know, but it’s one of the styles that I love and rehash on myself every so often.  Probably because a sporty playful outfit brings out my inner youthfulness….feeling ‘bata’ as they say  =P

No, seriously, I feel like a teen whenever I’m in a pair of shorts, shirt and sneakers.  But don’t we all?  =)

Off I go now for a casual fun weekend!  Happy Saturday, everyone!