Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swallow My Pride

I’ve always been playful and childish.  And even up to this day, I can’t help but act like a kid at times.

Yes, even with my outfit shots, I still like to act goofy at times.  Just like this one wherein I’m wearing a swallow-print top paired with shorts, thigh-high socks and heels….a little teenie-bopper look that’ll look flawless and cool on a teenager.  But since I’m not, well, just SWALLOWing my pride in this one and pretended I’m a teen-er once more.  Nyahaha!  Feeling!

On a serious note, the reason why I felt playful is that my long-sleeved top looks fun and quirky; what with its bird prints.  And then, add to that the youthful-ness of thigh-high socks + pumps styling, it’s really not that hard to be playful as well.

So there you go.  I swallowed my pride and acted like a goofball in this outfit shot, but I do hope you guys had fun reading through this  =)  much love!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Fine China.  You remember seeing those white ceramic vases with blue prints on?  The ones being sold in Chinatown or those antique shops?  Well, that’s what came to my mind when I saw this shift dress. 

Although it’s not in the blue-and-white print combo that’s synonymous with porcelain, the print of the dress in itself is very much similar.  What I like about porcelain prints is that they look exquisite, and very expensive!!  Nagmumukhang mayaman ang lola!  Haha!  No seriously, the prints brought a whole new appeal to the standard and plain shift dress that we’re quite accustomed to.  And I love.

Minimized my accessories on this look just so that I wouldn’t crowd out the porcelain prints.  Used basic nude heels and a very simple turquoise-like bracelet to go together with the dress. 

Pretty simple, right?  So do try out porcelain prints, okie?

Till then, I’m signing off =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Orange And Glad

Orange is a vibrant color; one can’t help but feel energized just by looking at it.  So whenever I need a little boost of extra energy, I make sure to wear something orange.  And for today, it’s this: 

Since my orange pleated skirt looks striking on its own, I made sure to tone it down with a white racerback top.  Notice the bead details on the neckline?  Saves me the trouble of having to think what necklace to pair with my ensemble.  Haha!  No, seriously. =)  And after that, finding the matching accessories will just be a breeze. 

Decided to make use of a pair of nude heels and went ahead with some animal prints for my wooden bangles.  Finished off my look with a native clutch that is equally rich in tone and texture.

So what do you think of this look?  I hope you fab peeps love it.

Much love!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Disco Ball

A disco ball.  That’s what I think about whenever I see this shiny, sequined dress.  When the lighting is right, it just kinda mimics those silver disco lights that you still find in old clubs.  It’s not the easiest dress to wear; to be honest, as you might already know that sequins add texture and thus makes one look a couple of inches healthier (or need I say F-A-T).  So really, anything with sequins on can be tricky to style….you don’t wanna end up looking like a real disco ball.

In my case, I’m quite lucky that I can still manage to pull off fully-sequined dresses like this one.  My body can still manage with a little extra pound or two in photos =)  Yes, it pays to exercise regularly  =P

As for styling, well, I usually pick the matte / muted blings whenever I’m wearing anything shiny.  Because, really, who wants to end up being identified as a walking disco ball with all ‘em blings, right?  And in this particular instance, I chose grayish silver-to-black accessories to complement my look and style. 

So how do you like this outfit inspiration?  Drop me a note, I sure would love to hear your thoughts.

For now, have a glitzy night ahead!  Much love!

Outfit details:
Sequinned Dress - Forever21
Accessories -  All That's JAZ

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whether Weather

The skies are bleak and gray today...well, at least here in my part of the metro.  No rainfall advisory, but still, I can’t help but feel as if it’ll be pouring anytime soon.  But whether it decides to or not, I’m weathering it in this ootd:

Ang taray ng lola!  Haha!  Worked up my gray tank top by adding that layered silver necklace and then matched it with my printed mini and lasercut boots; all in the same shade =)  Brought a lace coverup with me just in case, as you probably know by now that I easily catch a cold when I don’t have something to cover up my shoulders/back.  Yeah, yeah, sign of old age.  Sigh.

But anyways, I gotta get going already.  See you on the next!
And oh, don’t forget your umbrellas =)

Outfit details:
Gray tank – Top Manila
Printed Skirt – All That’s JAZ
Lasercut Boots – Parisian
Lace Coverup – Bottomline
Accessories – All That’s JAZ

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vanilla Sky

I love wearing shorts; the shorter the better too.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that I can be seen in them on most days.  No, not because I have a pair of mile-high-legs (mine are quite firm; a bit muscular actually but I’m not complaining), but rather, I just feel cool and comfortable in them.  And I’m sure a lot of you ladies feel the same way too. 

But for those of you who are not so fond of short shorts; particularly those who aren’t exactly blessed with flawless skin on ‘em legs (or those who, thanks to mosquito bites, ended up with some distinctive souvenirs), there is another way of wearing them that you might want to consider. 


Over a pair of stockings, tights, or in my case, printed leggings!  Not only will this conceal marks, flabs or cellulites, it is also super cool (literally and figuratively).  Paired my short shorts with a galaxy-print that kinda resembles double-dutch / mint-fudge ice cream.  Yum!  Haha!

And since I have some prints, I decided to keep it plain with my V-neck top.  After all, no one wants to look like a mural, haha!  Just a touch of print would do wonders, but a whole lot of ‘em would just confuse and raise eyebrows  =P

So what do you think?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Wear My Heels

How do we look pretty in our bipolar weather?  By staying hydrated and cool.  And how do we do that?  We drink aplenty and keep away from direct exposure to sun and rain.  And then, we have this  -√†

By wearing pretty dresses  =)  It’s so easy to look girly pretty when you’re in one, actually.  Just remember though to choose a print that’s hip and fresh.  Florals are just way overused already, so I suggest you give them a break and try out prints and patterns that aren’t exactly ordinary….like my printed heels right there  =) 

Now aside from choosing a fresh new print,  you’ll be wanting to choose a cut / style that’s equally hip, fresh and definitely lovely.  And if you’re like me (a bit on the shorter end), you’ll most likely prefer short dresses.  But you can likewise do with something that’s a little above your knees.  Just make sure though that you wear heels to elongate and balance out your frame  =)

So, how do you love my look? 
Till then, fabulous peeps!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crochet My Heart

Hot on the international fashion scene these days are crochet-made tops and bottoms.  Intricate but versatile, they’re a wonderful addition and a staple to every fashionista’s closet.  For beach wear, they are perfect as cover-ups.  But no, I’m not about to do an outfit shot involving crochet and swimwear, but rather, this:

I think I should be out on the fields in this attire!  Haha!  Kidding!  I took inspiration from a Taiwanese fashion mag with this look and just tweaked it a bit to my personal style.  Paired my crochet top with ripped denim crop pants and settled with T-strap heels (I originally intended to wear brogues but decided against it since I look terribly short in it and my proportions seem off).  Finished off my look with a fedora hat.

So if you fab peeps haven’t gotten into the crochet bandwagon, better do!  It’s really a major trend….crochet (I mean, cross) my heart!  =P

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Denim x 2

Denim on denim on hot days?  I must be crazy, right?  In our tropical weather, I probably would be crazy…hot.  Haha!  No, seriously, there are light-weight denims and styles that are suitable for dry / humid days.  And I have them on:

I paired 2 denim fabrics together in this look and I think I look pretty hot.  No, I’m not talking about sweaty hot, but vavavoom hot!  Haha!  Asa pa ako!  =P  Seriously though, the trick to wearing denim on hot days is to pair lightweight denim fabrics or to choose those that are sleeveless and short in length, so you don’t get suffocated with all that fabric.  In my case, I paired a lightweight sleeveless denim top with a rough denim mini to give my look a little breather  =)  Completed my look with a pair of pointy pumps and an envelope clutch.  Perfect for a casual day in the office, right?

So, what do you think about this look?  Care to share your thoughts? 

Till then, peeps!

Outfit details:
Sleeveless Lightweight Denim Top – Forever21
Denim Skirt – People Are People
Pointy Pumps – Parisian
Envelope Clutch – All That’s JAZ

Monday, June 23, 2014


If there’s one part of my body that I’m comfortable enough to show anyone, it’s probably my back.  Yes, talikod-genic kasi ako.  Haha!  Kidding aside, it’s my part of the body that’s pretty much toned and flawless (as in even ang skintone and without any blemish).  And that is why I’m pretty comfortable in this:

An almost exposed back, but not quite.  It’s like a fence, that top, with all those horizontal lines!  Akala niyo siguro totally backless ang lola, nho?  Well, till I find the perfect backless dress, this’ll have to do in the meantime, haha! 

Paired it with my usual go-to-bottoms….ripped denim shorts!  And of course, no outfit will ever be complete without ‘em sunnies!  And I have mine in animal print and in a square frame!  O diba ang taray!  =)  Completed my look with a pair of ankle-strap leather heels and a lime-colored gold chain bag.  Para naman I look chic and not at all trashy considering that I’m showing quite some amount of skin, hehe. 

That’s all for now, fabulous peeps!  Till my next post!
Much love!!

Outfit details:
Top – Bottomline
Shorts – Virus
Bag – CMG
Heels - Celine

Sunnies – SM Ladies’ Wear