Monday, August 18, 2014

Mind Game

You know what my shirt reminds me of?  Inkblots.  Yes, for some reason, I think that the diagram on my shirt looks much like an inkblot figure.  Perhaps it’s the way the dots are formed, or perhaps my  mind is just messing up with me, haha!

So anyway, I decided to wear a black sleeveless crochet underneath my inkblot shirt instead of my usual bandeau top.  The crochet inner that I had on gave my top a bit more texture, and don’t you just adore those V-cut ends?  I do!  And just so that those ends are displayed prominently, I hiked up my shirt and knotted it  =P

Paired my top with denim shorts and mustard-colored cork wedges, and hooked up a cap unto my belt holder.  Threw all my essentials into my trusty black satchel and I’m off for the day!

So, how do you guys like this look?  I hope it’s not playing with your mind  =)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Layer Of Sweetness

I don’t have a taste for sweets.  Ever since a kid, I’ve always turned down candies / desserts offered to me.  Yes, I know, I’m weird.  But while I may not have any sweet tooth, I’m pretty much a sweet girl naman (kung hindi galit, haha!) and often times I go for sweet choices / picks like this one:

The tiered top I have on reminds me of a layer of inverted cupcake foils, haha!  And since it’s such a sweet-looking top, I acted cutesy for this outfit shot  =P

It’s a rather simple getup (top + shorts + heels + bag); with just a little jewelry for today.  I made sure of that so that I wouldn’t drown out the sweetness of my top  =)

So there you have it ~ a little layer of sweetness to go =)  Hope you all have a nice day today!  Much love!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeping It Casual

Basic Shirt + Jeans.  That is our staple outfit here in our country.  In most occasions and even at fashion events, there would always be that someone who would be in that getup.  Not that I have anything against the usual jeans-shirt-combo, but there are times when I believe that you need to dress it up a little and look a little more presentable than looking like you just pulled whatever it is that’s on top of your closet pile.  Haha. 

Now for those occasions that don’t require much formalities, there are ways of dressing up the jeans-and-shirt combo so that it’ll come out looking chic and fasyon!  And one of those ways is by dressing up the combo with a good blazer and some killer heels; much like what I did here:

I’m wearing rough denim pants with a basic shirt….plain boring, huh? 
So, I made sure to jazz up my outfit then with my blazer and my pair of pointy pumps.  The blazer and the pumps helps make the rugged look a bit more polished and chic.  And oh, I added a bowler hat to my look to help make my outfit look well-put-together.  Accessorized simply with an amulet necklace, and there I’m all set to attend an event  =)

Till the next post!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sheer Pleasure

This is going to be another sheer panel entry today. 

Nope, no contest going on around here, but rather, I’m referring to another top that’s similar to what I had on the other day….a sheer panel blouse.

I know some of you might already be blurting out a bored “not again” but forgive me, sheer panels are just my latest addiction  =)

For today’s outfit shot, I wore a white-and-mint panel top and paired it with drawstring navy shorts.  Accessorized with a pair of printed pumps and a soft clutch in the same shade.

Now looking closely, the top looks quite formal (especially since the fabric is relatively similar to those being used in our traditional barongs), so I made it look a little casual by wearing it with shorts.  Coz after all, I’m simply having dinner with friends, so I don’t need to dress so formally.  Presentable, would do  =)

So anyway, it’s a sheer pleasure doing this blog post today.  I hope it was for you as well.  Much love!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sheer Panels

You don’t need to bare a lot of skin just to look sexy.  These days, there are just so many cut styles that offer a glimpse of skin without having to reveal too much.  And that is why sheer panel clothing is such a hit these days.  And that is also why I just had to have these for my outfit shot today:

A sheer white panel top with a sheer panel black-and-white puff skirt!  Such a lovely combination, don’t you think?  The look is a bit girly adorable yet very much womanly sexy as well!  The sheer panels give off that demure appeal…titillating the senses, if I might add.  Just a little bit come hither  =P  Well, don’t they always say to leave a little for the imagination?  Hehe.

That’s all for today.  Much love, everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Minty Fresh

What happens when you wear a mint-colored garment?  You feel minty-fresh, of course!!  Haha!  So babaw! I know it seems that way, but truth is, the colors that we wear sometimes really affect our mood or disposition for the whole day.

And that is why I picked light and minty-freshie garments for today….because I would want this day to be as such; after all, it’s just the start of the week and we sure want it to start light and fresh, right?  =)

So there, here’s hoping for a minty-fresh start!  Much love, everyone!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I really didn’t have a theme in mind when I paired these two items together (top with stripe details and a checkerboard skirt):

But after wearing it, the first thing that came to my mind is:  DINER.  Remember those old Hollywood diner joints?  The ones with checkerboard floors and the waitresses wear something either red or those with some striped detail?  Well, that’s exactly how I think I look right now, haha!

Anyhow, the pairing does have a charm of its own nevertheless.  I mean, it’s a little quirky but cute.  And it’s definitely a fresh take on my overly used top, whereby I usually just pair it with either jeans or shorts.

Completed my look with an envelope clutch and a pair of off-white and mesh booties.

So where do you suppose I’m headed off right after this?  To the dining area, of course!  Haha!  Have a great lunch, peeps!  Much love!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunny And Bright

After days of wet and gloomy weather, the sun finally came out from behind the clouds today.  It’s quite sunny and bright outside, but I’m doubling the sunshine in this:

Double layer of neon tank tops to brighten up an already bright and colourful morning  =)  Bright yellow and orange….kinda reminds me of the early morning rays of the sun  =)  Paired my layered tops with my equally colourful Terranova floral shorts and accessorized much the same way.  Made use of colourful wooden accessories and went with a pair of gold ballet flats.  Packed up all of my essentials into this Kipling bag (I swear it holds a LOT of stuff!!) and of course, we can’t leave the house without any sun protection, right?  Mine this time in the form of an orange Nike cap  =)

So what do you think of this look?  Shockingly bright?  Haha, I hope it’s no eye strain  =)
Have a sunny and bright day ahead, folks!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swallow My Pride

I’ve always been playful and childish.  And even up to this day, I can’t help but act like a kid at times.

Yes, even with my outfit shots, I still like to act goofy at times.  Just like this one wherein I’m wearing a swallow-print top paired with shorts, thigh-high socks and heels….a little teenie-bopper look that’ll look flawless and cool on a teenager.  But since I’m not, well, just SWALLOWing my pride in this one and pretended I’m a teen-er once more.  Nyahaha!  Feeling!

On a serious note, the reason why I felt playful is that my long-sleeved top looks fun and quirky; what with its bird prints.  And then, add to that the youthful-ness of thigh-high socks + pumps styling, it’s really not that hard to be playful as well.

So there you go.  I swallowed my pride and acted like a goofball in this outfit shot, but I do hope you guys had fun reading through this  =)  much love!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Fine China.  You remember seeing those white ceramic vases with blue prints on?  The ones being sold in Chinatown or those antique shops?  Well, that’s what came to my mind when I saw this shift dress. 

Although it’s not in the blue-and-white print combo that’s synonymous with porcelain, the print of the dress in itself is very much similar.  What I like about porcelain prints is that they look exquisite, and very expensive!!  Nagmumukhang mayaman ang lola!  Haha!  No seriously, the prints brought a whole new appeal to the standard and plain shift dress that we’re quite accustomed to.  And I love.

Minimized my accessories on this look just so that I wouldn’t crowd out the porcelain prints.  Used basic nude heels and a very simple turquoise-like bracelet to go together with the dress. 

Pretty simple, right?  So do try out porcelain prints, okie?

Till then, I’m signing off =)