Saturday, November 22, 2014

Party In The USA

Today’s outfit inspiration?  Put your hands up, it’s a party in the USA!

A little Kesha-ish and a little bit Miley Cyrus-ey, but it’s one fo the most worn and accepted style especially for outdoor parties.  Not familiar with the look?  Here’s my take:

A loose USA flag-print racerback top + high-waisted ripped shorts + boots = party outfit look

Now add a black moto jacket, some dark-rimmed sunglasses and a sling bag and we’re all set to go….ala-pre-teen MIley Cyrus singing “Party in the USA”  =P

So let’s get the party started!!  Hey hey!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

This One's A Keeper

Maroon isn’t exactly a favourite color of mine, and that is why I hardly ever buy and wear anything in that shade.  But since my mom’s friend gave me an item in that specific color, I felt obliged to use it. 

A maroon tank top with silver round studs all over the neckline!  Eye-catching, isn’t it?  Well, I decided to do a biker chick look with it; but only a little more softer with the help of a white skater skirt.  Took my favourite lace-up boots for today’s ride and completed my biker chic(k) look with of course, none other than a biker jacket.  The latter’s a bit different than the usual leather type material of biker jackets, and instead it’s in a soft denim fabric.  It’s sturdy and structured and it looks more polished and would even look good as a corporate blazer  =)

That’s it for today.  Till then!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So It Seems

If there’s one garment that I’ve been overusing lately, it’s the boyfriend jeans.  Othen than the fact that I’ve re-discovered their fashion-friendliness, but I’ve grown quite attached to its loose comfort; something which is rather hard to come by these days when it comes to jeans.  So for today I’m doing a BF jeans rehash:

I love the rugged charm of the BF jeans.  You can go with its mannish feel or make it ladylike and sexy by using the right pairing and accessories.  For this look, I decided to go with a mix of both.  Went with the boyish look of the jeans by wearing it as is and by using brogues as my footwear.  For my top, a long-sleeve crop lace blouse helps to make my look feminine and may I say, sexy as well.  Added a beanie for that model-off-duty look, hehe.

Here’s to another happy day ahead!  Mwah!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Perfect Skies

Westerners love wearing all-white ensembles, and while most of us here in the country do too, some of us, still, by nature of his/her culture/traditional, may not necessarily be allowed to wear such. 

I, for one, am often discouraged by my elders from wearing full white outfits, as it symbolizes death/mourning in traditional Chinese culture.  And being the obedient daughter that I am, I have refrained myself from wearing all white ever since.  But once in awhile though, I manage to get away with near-all-whiteness.  How?  Just by adding some touch of color.

My white tank + white jeans combo is accompanied by an acid-wash biker jacket and skyblue pointed pumps.  It’s pretty much a basic white + blue color, which actually reminds me of perfect skies  =)  Just added a pair of sunglasses for effect.

So I guess I won’t get frowned upon by my elders now with this look, right?  *wink*

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preppy Girl

Do you know which style best represents a preppy look?  For me, it’s the cutout collar top.  -There’s something ‘school-boy-girl-like’ in a collared shirt, and pairing it with any kind of bottom still gives off that vibe.

Paired my cutout top with a skater skirt for a girly-preppy vibe.  To add some details and to make my look a little more catchy, I decided to make use of a pair of lace-up boots and a bowler hat.  Finished off my look with an envelope clutch. 

A satchel would look much more preppy than an envelope clutch, but I changed it last minute, just because I didn’t have much to bring with me and the envelope clutch is well-enough to suit my needs  =)

Anyway, here’s to a fun preppy day ahead!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Harem Jumpsuit

What’s the best outfit to go for when one is feeling lazy to dress up?  I’d say it’s a piece of jumpsuit (or at least, in my case, that is).

It’s the easiest thing to get into, so it’s my go-to outfit whenever I’m feeling lazy to mix-and-match.  It’s basically just pull-it-up-and-go, haha!  Just kidding!  We need to dress it up a little, of course.  But before that, do you know what I like about this jumpsuit of mine?  It’s  this harem-like cut!  That while it’s just a very plain black jumpsuit, the cut makes it so much interesting!  Just add some gold accents (mine, a gold belt) and a good pair of pumps and I’m all set to go.

My only complaint with this outfit though is the fact that it can be quite an inconvenience whenever I have to take a leak, haha!

But anyways, let me deal with that on my own.  Have a happy and fun day ahead!

Friday, October 31, 2014

To Die For

Once in awhile we find something that we just absolutely need to buy.  And for me, it’s this edgy top:

A laser cut top with the shape of a skull!!  Cool, isn’t it?  I got it in one of my sourcing trips abroad and I’ve actually sold a couple of it too before =)  Have used this top too before, so it’s practically a rehash.  Sorry, guys, I know you all love it fresh, but since I don’t have any sponsors or tie-ups at the moment, I can only afford so much.  But at least, I’m wearing this top differently than the first time I used it for an ootd; that while the laser-cut side was at my back last time, this time I made use of it as my front side!  Sexy front ang lola this time, haha!

Paired my edgy top with a pencil-cut high-slit skirt and some equally edgy lace-up boots, and completed my look with a bonnet. 

So would you guys now agree that the top is TDF?  =)

Happy Halloween and a great weekend ahead!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sweet Nothing

I’m quite taken with crochet / knit apparel lately.  They’re just so delicate and so sweet despite their intricacies.  Much like us, ladies, don’t you suppose?

I’m feeling a bit complicated today, actually.  Wait, is there such a thing as that?  Well, whatever.  I decided to wear a crochet-on-crochet style today.  Wore a cream crochet top in a floral pattern together with a pink scallop-designed crochet skirt.  I initially wanted to pair it with sneakers, but since I’m keeping with the full-crochet apparel theme, I ended up with my lace-patterned heels instead.

So, do I look sweet in this look?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Second ChildHood

Another eclectic day and I’m back to wearing kiddie ensemble.  Haha!  No, actually, I needed to attend a children’s party and I thought I’d wanna blend in, nyahaha!  I know, so not acting my age….mayhap it’s a case of second childhood, ei?  =P  But anyway, here’s how I looked:

Polka-dotted jumper skirt and loose stripe shirt make for an eclectic mix, right?  Made the outfit look a little more young with a pair of white sneakers and tied my hair into a 2-side ponytail  =)

So how do you feel about my 2nd childhood?  =P 

Till then!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Slacking It!

It’s time for another office outfit inspiration, and this time I’m using another classic….the pinstripe slacks.  Since slacks in general look mature, and then the pinstripe detail makes it all the more so, I decided to make use of a cropped panel top to make it more hip, young and fresh.

The downside that I can see with this outfit though is that I’d probably catch a “kabag” in a fully airconditioned office, haha!

That, or I’d get a “memo” form the HR department on my “tummy-revealing” office attire!  Oh no!  I’d better wear a blazer, just to be sure then =)

So that’s it for today.  Till then!