Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's A Wide Wide World

There was a time in my younger years where I’ve always preferred fitted shirts and tops over much looser ones.  Not that I was toned or had a va-va-voom body but mainly because I didn’t know exactly how to style wider clothes and have always thought that it looks really really lousy.  It was only when I started working (and thanks to purchasing power) that I started to learn and appreciate other styles and various clothing shapes. 

You see, that’s the beauty of the internet, you get to see so many things that could serve as your inspiration.  And of course, you get to see this one too:

Doing a wide outfit style today.  Mixed and matched 2 somewhat loose/wide items together to create this nerdy eclectic look.  Actually, if you are into Korean fashion, you would’ve probably already seen a similar striped loose top such as this one I have on here, but which they paired mostly with a long fitted skirt or an equally wide pair of structured pants. 

So just to give you another styling option, I chose a pair of culottes to go with my top instead.  And then finished off with a pair of flatforms and some geeky glasses.

So what do you suppose of this style?  Hope it serves as an inspiration for you guys to try out some brand new styles today!  Much love everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Denim You!

For moments that make you go ‘damn you’ here’s just the perfect outfit:

Full-on denim.  Paired 2 dark blue denim items together to come up with this look.  A long-sleeved denim polo matched with a flowy denim skirt and accentuated by a white belt and white sneakers.  ‘Tis actually is the ongoing trend / look in most Asian capitals these days.  It’s a perfect streetwear and shopping day outfit, in my opinion.  And if you’re feeling aloof and cool and couldn’t care less of what people are saying about you, you could just add a pair of wide sunglasses too!

So, ‘denim you’ is all I have to say to you today.  Mind your own business, coz I’m minding my own, haha!  Ba-boosh loves!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pink Crush

For the longest time, the color pink has been associated with ladies; of being dainty and soft.  And for the longest time, it has been the color choice of most women; young and old alike. 

Actually, it’s my favourite color back when I was little; just kinda grew tired of it during my teenage rebellious years, haha!  But these days, I’m beginning to re-develop a pink color crush! 

It’s a dainty pink laser-cut mesh-type top which I paired with another mesh-type white skirt!  And as if that’s not enough softness and daintiness, I added a light gray derby hat!  Haha!  Now just so that I don’t end up looking too young (as if!!), I used a sexy pair of peep-toe ankle-strap heels to complete the look.

So are you crushing in on this look now?  Sure hope so! 

Have a lovely day ahead!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What Are You Waiting For?

Once in awhile, you get to  score an item of clothing that’s unique.  And no, it’s not from a flea market, nor is it from an ukay-ukay.

It’s an SM Department Store find!  I’m talking about that near-open-front denim top!  Cool, isn’t it?  No, I’m not meaning it literally (although yes it certainly is considering the amount of tummy skin showing, hehe), but rather, cool meaning it’s a fashion delight.  It’s a design that you hardly see out on the streets; probably not so rare a sight if in Tokyo or Korea, but here in Mnaila it is.  And that is why I couldn’t resist not bringing it home with me when I saw it  =)

Matched my denim top with a trumpet skirt and suede booties.  Added a cap for maximum effect.

So if you are looking for fun, interesting items, the SM Store might just have what you need.  Now what are you waiting for?  Go go go!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jump Suit In Culottes

If there’s any clothing that I have yet to own (or at least try on), it’s gotta be a culotte jumpsuit.  It’s one of those rare finds (much rarer here in our country, if I might say) that you’re dying to have but couldn’t seem to find in just about any store; branded or not.  So when I was handed with one, I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

A blue culotte jumpsuit from Bottomline Clothing!  How fab!  Now considering its tailored cut, I decided to keep my style today clean and classic.  Paired the jumpsuit with ankle-strapped heels and accentuated by a bejewelled belt and python clutch.  I didn’t bother much with jewelry and opted for a pair of dangling geometric shaped earring.  This is so that I won’t overpower my jumpsuit and clutter my style in the end. 

Now having said this much, how do you think of this culotte jumpsuit?  Should you want to jump suit in one as well?  =)

Much love, ‘yall!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cover It Up

When hot hot pants are the on-going ‘it’ item, ladies with thicker thighs like me could only look on with envy.  I mean, we could still choose to wear shorts as short as knickers, but it just wouldn’t look good, now will it?  I mean, could you even imagine all those thigh dimples and flabs showing?  I can’t.  Call me old-fashioned but unnecessary curves don’t spell sexy.

Luckily though extra-long cover-ups are also in season, so we now have a little more option and dare I say (permission) to wear hot shorts  =P

See, doesn’t it do well as a major coverup for my chunky thighs?  Hehe.  And apart from being a great coverup, it just looks fab, doesn’t it?  Love how it makes an outfit all the more fun and eye-catching too!

Gotta go now!  Ta-ta!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fuzzy Wuzzy

August has already settled in, so I feel comfortable wearing light-weight sweaters now.  So while this comfortable weather persists, I’m all for the fuzzy-wuzzy getup:

Another lightweight pullover top in cream!  I think I’m beginning to love lighter colors as I age, instead of blacks and blues.  But anyways, have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of lightweight sweater tops?  They’re not only soooo comfy, but they look great on just about anything!  Really!

Like for this shot, I paired mine with yet another fuzzy item in my closet….a woolen tartan pencil skirt in neutral beige.  It’s another one of my almost-forgotten classics that I haven’t used in a long while; but which my fingers were able to magically filter through my stash somehow.  So thus sprang my fuzzy-wuzzy getup today  =)  I swear, sometimes if you can’t make your pick just let your fingers do the trick, haha!

Seriously now, completed my outfit with a pair of baby-pink strappy heels and an equally bulky-chunky maroon tote.  And just for effect, a pair of wide-rimmed spectacles is a must =P

So how do I look?  Have a fuzzy wuzzy day ahead, everyone!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bear With Me

All I’m asking of you today is to BEAR with me on this one:

Hehe.  You were probably thinking of something else, right?  Haha!  Sorry to disappoint, but isn’t this bear shirt just cute?

Paired it with a floral skirt and some maroon sneakers for a dainty childish look  =)

So this is really a very short post.  I guess, I just needed to show you guys how cut this shirt is  =)

Much love!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Different Boho Beat

I’m wearing yet another off-shoulder ruffle top today.  But this time I’m not going sexy, and instead doing a different boho beat.

My cream-colored frilly off-shoulder top has this sort of sweet, romantic boho vibe going.  Now if I’m going along with the vibe, I would’ve probably worn a long flowy maxi skirt.  But that’s another story.  Because for today, I’ve paired my top with a full denim skirt and some odd flatforms (wide strapped sandals)….which are quite hot in the market these days, by the way  =)

Made sure to accessorize with earthy tones fitting that of a boho sweetheart; the likes of an ornamental wrap necklace and an earthy toned sling bag.  A little boho, a little not so.  A different boho beat it is  =)

So how do you guys feel about this look?  Like it?

Have a wonderful day ahead, everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ruffle My Top

Some clothes just make you look and feel sexy.

A cropped off-shoulder top and low-slung jeans….a recipe mix that’s oozing with appeal.  And luckily for me, I have a flat tummy to go with the outfit  =P  ‘Coz to be honest, a cropped off shoulder ruffled top; despite its frilly sexy appeal, won’t look sexy if one has a beer belly, right?  Haha!  And that’s also the reason why we ladies have to do a little diet and exercise every now and then.  I mean, just look at how smaller and smaller our clothes are getting these days!  If we don’t keep up, we’ll be at a loss of pretty clothes coz nothing will ever fit!  X_X  Yeah, I’m exaggerating.  But you do get what I mean, right?  =)

Now adding sexy to sexiness, I used my peep-toe killer heels and finished off with a hot red suede hat.

So how do I look?  Don’t ruffle my top, ok?  =)

Catch you on the next!