Thursday, October 8, 2015


I’m such a sucker for photos and selfies.  Not that I’m photogenic, but mainly because I love capturing moments and looking back at them from time to time.  So I guess you can say I’m pix-elated  =P

But anyway, going to my ootd, which I’m simply elated to share with you, hehe, is much about another elation of mine…the off-shoulder top!  How any times have you seen me recently wearing one?  A couple times already, right?  And  today’s another one:

I’ve always favoured the off-shoulder kind of top as it is just my style….girly and sexy.  Besides, I love showing my collarbones more than anything else; actually that’s probably the only thing that I have “k” to show, haha!  So lucky that I have this endearing retro-print top that looks a bit like computer pixels from afar!  Lovely, isn’t it?

Paired my pixelated off-shoulder top with a pair of light denims which I folded right up about a quarter to reveal my strappy chunky heels!

Completed my look with some semi-retro funky accessorizing in the form of a neck scarf and cat-eye shades!

A little modern retro, a whole lot of pixelated pix-elated fun!  Have a bright and wonderful day ahead, everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cut Me Some Sleeves

While drop-shoulder tops are so in demand these days, another cut style is hot on its tail. 

It’s the drop shoulder + cut sleeves combo!  And while it’s a fashion trend repeat from the not so distant past (2 years back), it’s one that I gladly welcome =)

Wearing my drop shoulders cut sleeves top with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans.  A very simple pairing, but which turns into a chic and sexy look just with the right accessories.  I used my sexy green peep-toe heels together with some layered necklace and then finally, picked a multi-colored clutch to go with my plain-colored ensemble.

So that’s it for today.  If you find this post a bit short, well, just cut me some sleeves (er, slack) this time, ok?

Till the next!  Mwah!

Friday, October 2, 2015


If my ootd last time was a regular mid-rise flared jeans, I’m doing a low-rise type this time around =)

Kinda reminds you of that lam-ba-da dance, no?  Only instead of a maxi skirt paired with an off-shouldered top, I have my low-waist flared jeans =)

It’s another sexy outfit considering that the short off-shoulder top and the low-slung jeans both emphasize the waist portion.  Definitely not a style for the not-so-belly-daring gal.  But on the other hand, there is definitely something shorter gals could consider….flared jeans!  Coz as I’ve said before, it elongates the legs, thus making one look taller.  Just be sure not to pick those with really wide bell-bottoms  =P

And as expected, I made use of a pair of wedges (again), though this time it’s a pair of architectural wedges to complete my lam-ba-da sort of a look. 

Signing off for now, till the next!  Much love!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back To The 70s

Flared jeans and bell-bottoms are back in style these days!  But did you know that it was originally a 60s – 70s fashion?  Yes, it was.  Bell-bottoms and peasant blouses were predominantly the fashion then, and it has been awhile since its comeback, but I’m glad that we’re finally seeing ‘em out of the runways and into mainstream street fashion  these days.  Now knowing my love for fashion and dressing up, I couldn’t help but do this ootd:

Back to the oldies in a pair of flared pants and a loose breezy floral top.  And typical of flared pants, they are quite l-o-n-g, so chunky wedges are a must!  Apart from it looking good with flared bottoms, wedges instantly add height and are more sole-friendly than their heeled counterparts.

Now just to take the 70s look further, I decided to add a scarf bandana over my head to complete my look.

So, what do you peeps think about this look?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Scarf It

I’m so over-using a piece of clothing these days.  Wanna make a guess which is it?  Well, let me just kill the suspense for you….it’s my extra-wide denim culottes!  Remember I used it for a collab post last time using all extra-wide items?  If you can’t recall, you can refer back HERE.

But anyway, getting back to today’s post, I’m taking this rather edgy / eclectic piece of clothing and making it look chic this time.

So what I did for today’s look is to pair my denim culottes with a towelette shirt, and some strappy high heels.  But to make the ensemble a little more interesting, I decided to accessorize; not with jewelry, but with a scarf instead. 

I hardly make use of scarves, to be honest, primarily because of our hot and humid weather, but today’s comfortable enough for this wonderful add-on  =)  Add a nice scarf and it instantly adds chic-ness to an ensemble!  You can wear it on your neck, and then let your bag wear it when it gets a bit too warm to wear on your end, hehe.  Multi-purpose, I should say  =)

Finally added a denim clutch / shoulder bag to complete this look.  So how do you feel about this?  Hope you are all having a great day, coz I am!  Ta-ta, peeps!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Prehistoric Charm

Doing another t-shirt outfit style today.  But instead of our usual t-shirt and pants combo, let’s change it a bit, ok?

It’s a Pull and Bear dinosaur shirt!  Cute, isn’t it?  But no, we’re not doing a cute outfit shot today.  Well, just a little bit, but not quite.  Instead, we’re toughing up a light and breezy maxi skirt as today’s main agenda  =)

Paired the prehistoric cutie shirt with a light flowy maxi skirt but toughened it up by the use of a moto jacket and some ankle boots.  An eclectic mix, if you could say so.  I mean, it’s quite cute, a bit edgy, with a dash of softness but with a dollop of masculine coolness, all rolled into one ootd charmer  =P

Now, what can you say about this outfit shot today?  A prehistoric charm-er, right?  Hehe.  Gotta get moving now, don’t wanna get caught up in traffic by leaving late today.

Ta-ta, everyone!  Much love!

Friday, September 18, 2015

I Mirror Back

As fashionable as we are becoming here in the country, we gotta admit that shirts + jeans is still our staple and most preferred everyday fashion.  Having said this, I think the challenge for us now is on how to style-up our t-shirt and jeans combo, so that we don’t end up looking rather ordinary. 

So that’s our target for today and here’s how I would style my t-shirt and jeans combo:

I picked a graphic printed shirt (one with this really cool model wearing a mirrored sunglass) and paired it with black skinnies, leather boots and a military green jacket.  Nothing out of the ordinary, you might say.  But wait.  That’s why we need to jazz things up with an accessory or two.  And in my case, my choice of accessory is these mirrored sunglasses I have on.  Apart from the fact that mirrored sunglasses look cool (and hot at the same time, depending on your choice of adjective, hehe), it is actually a practical one to wear as it protects our eyes from UV rays of the sun.  That, plus the fact that it is actually a mirror of my shirt print, hehe!  Kinda fun, right?  And that’s what accessories are really made for….to make an outfit a little bit more fun and interesting!

So don’t forget your sunnies whenever you go out, alright?  It adds major ‘cool’ and in our language ‘pogi’ points!  Haha!

Gotta get going now!  Till the next post!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Belly Daring

Tassels have made such a huge comeback these days.  I went to a flea market the other day and majority of the clothing stalls I saw seem to have one thing in common….tassels. 

Either here or there, tassels are sure rocking town.  And I particularly took note of this one:

An indie printed crop top with tassel balls!  Usually, tassels are just made of loose threads, but this one, has these cute ‘lil fuzzy balls instead  =P  Kinda reminds me of Indian outfits and those headboard cloths we regularly see on jeepneys, hehe!

So, I paired my top with ripped cutoff denims and duo-colored T-strap heels.  Accessorized with a bright salmon pink clutch and added this bejewelled chain belt to sort-of emphasize my waist portion; given the fact that it is a crop top.  And if I may just add, the bejewelled belt adds to my look’s appeal as well =)

It’s a belly-daring outfit, don’t you say?  But if you have what it takes, why not *wink*

Have a great day ahead!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


This is probably the only time you’d see me wearing super large and loose clothing.  Not that I’m against it, but mainly because it’s not my preference and my accustomed style.  But anyway, I’ve donned this today, so check it out:

And that’s what you call upsize me!  Haha!  Seriously, those are the largest clothes I have ever tried on and owned!  And if not for a style collab, I probably wouldn’t have even pitted the 2 extra large items together =P  I mean, I prefer a balancing act whenever I do my styling.  Big pants with smaller tops and vice versa.  Or fitted items with loose ones.  You get what I mean, I’m sure  =)

But apparently upsizing is not only for fast-food meals these days, but is actually the on-going fashion trend all across the globe!  So yeah, we fashionistas need to evolve as well =)

Anyway, for this style collab, I did this sort-of Jap-ish eclectic/edgy vibe, with the use of an extra-loose sleeveless V-cut overlapping lapel blouse and paired with an elephant-sized denim culottes together with chunky flatforms.  Then finally completed my eclectic edgy style with a bowler hat and a fun/quirky denim clutch that has these multiple colourful patches (which I find really really cool)!

So what do you think about this upsized style of mine?  Quite a different take from what you use to see me in, right?  But nevertheless, I still hope you like it!

Much love to all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The P(l)easant Life

A city girl would always be a city girl, unless on occasions where she deliberately wears something reminiscent of the provincial life….like a peasant top!  Hehe.

And while the off-shouldered ruffle top looks a bit peasant-ly, let’s make sure we don’t end up looking exactly like we’re living the country life; not that we have anything against it, but just plainly because it won’t be realistic given the fact that we’re actually in the more urbanized part of town  =)

So for this urbanized peasant look, I paired my white off-shoulder peasant top with mommy jeans and strappy high heels.  Accessorized with a mustard messenger-type bag and a soft bucket-type hat.  It’s a little country style when you look at it entirely but also a bit touristy.  I mean, just looking at this ootd makes me wanna go sight-see, haha!  It’s the cap, I think  =P
But anyways, I’m off to live my pleasant peasant life here in the metro!

Have a pleasant day ahead, you fabulous peeps!