Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jagged 'Lil Pill

If you’re a follower of international fashion week, you’d most likely notice those uneven cuts / lapels on either tops or bottoms.  It’s gonna be one of the more prominent cut style this year, so I guess we oughtta have one in our closet stash (that is, if we haven’t got one yet).  Luckily for me, I have two; a top and a bottom bearing the same edgy cut!

The white top which has an uneven lapel came from Zalora.  And apart from the edgy cut, what I like about it is it’s kimono sleeves!  Good for covering my sorta muscular arms, hehe!

Paired my white top with a *rehash warning* leather origami-cut style mini, a regular black pumps and a black beaded clutch.

Didn’t bother to tuck-in or to cinch my waistline with a belt.  I kinda felt I wanted to go for a relaxed fit this time around, but of course, without sacrificing the ‘chic’ feel of the clothes.  Oh, I added a fringe necklace to my look last minute when upon checking with my full-length mirror I felt that my outfit looks so dull and boring as is, haha!  Well, didn’t the necklace enhanced my look now?  *wink*

With that, I’m signing off here in cyberspace.  Till the next outfit post.  Much love!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

White For Me

Remember my post “ A lovely reason to smile “?  Well, I mentioned about Zalora (Asia’s fashion destination) then, right?  Well, it’s a pretty nifty site and I must say…so many fashion choices!  Browsed through their catalogue and found something for myself (but courtesy of course of their collab shopping coupon):

It’s white for me!  Picked this white cutout dress from a wide range of selections available and settled for the color despite the fact that it’s available in black --- and you all know how I usually prefer blacks to whites, right?  Well, for a change, I say.

Anyway, I picked the design primarily because of the cutout design along the collarbone.  Understated elegance, if I must say.  As such, I made sure not to overwhelm it with too much accessorizing or by using bold colors along with it.  Paired my white dress simply with white python print accessories (pumps and clutch) so that the outfit won’t look too washed out and so that it would have some texture to it.

With that, how do you guys like this white on me?  Like it?  Well, you can find your own little white dress through Zalora!  I’m sure you’d find online shopping at the site quite a favourable experience!  Much much love!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where's My Mole?

The Marilyn Monroe effect.  That even just a semblance of her on just about anything becomes unbelievably sultry!  Just like the shirt that I have on; I mean, it’s just a print of her famous mole and her partially open mouth but it already exudes sultriness all on its own!  So I guess I have it easy looking sexy today, huh?  Yeah right, the shirt’s actually competing with me for attention, hmph!  Haha!  Kidding aside, I decided to make use of a pair of slim dark blue pants and skyblue ankle-strap heels to completely channel a casual yet sexy look.  Made sure to pop in some sexy red hot color to give my outfit that extra boost!  As if I need to draw more attention, haha! 

With that, I guess, I’m all set.  Well, except perhaps for a mole??  =P

Just kidding, everyone!  Can’t ever channel Marilyn Monroe even if I have her mole to begin with!  =)

Have fun, y’all!  Much love!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You've Got Mail

In these fast-paced technology-driven society, sending /receiving messages is as quick as a snap.  It’s a good thing, of course, but sometimes it get a lot less personal (a lot less thought and effort), and frankly speaking, I sometimes kinda miss sending/receiving those handwritten messages, and yes, even the ‘waiting period’ that comes with the old postal system. 

But anyway, today’s not about me getting a snail mail but rather a friend of mine is….with me having to be the postman (postgirl) for this purpose.

So I’m a postgirl bearing an invite in a striped T-shirt top (which by the bye kinda reminds me of those old bluish-white tinted airmail envelopes) and a high-waisted button-fly cropped jeans.  Completed my look with a pair of heeled tassel mules, a fedora hat and an envelope clutch (bearing that special invite that I was tasked to deliver).

So how do I look?  Gotta get running now.  Can’t be late delivering this mail =)  Till then, much love!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Polo Sport

If there’s a type of shirt that I don’t usually, nay, I don’t really wear at all, it’s the polo shirt.  Nothing against it actually as they can be quite fab to wear I’m sure, but I guess I’m just not a polo sport, hehe.  I feel a bit constricted and well, a bit subdued when wearing one, haha!  But this perception has got to change if I’m in fashion biz, and so for today, I did:

Wore a polo shirt today!  Yay!  I think I look like the box packaging of Polo Sport parfum, haha!  Blue, red and white, remember?  Hehe.  But kidding aside, I’m loving the shirt!  The pattern and the mix of colors just blended in beautifully.

Now knowing me, my style, I always go for a balanced look.  That means when I have a semi-to-fully-clothed top, I’d go with something sexy on my lower half or vice versa.  I love showing some skin, if you know what I mean *wink*  So with that pronouncement, I paired my polo shirt with a very ripped denim shorts; but to which I made sure to conceal sensitive parts by wearing a striped cycling short  =)  Printed cycling shorts to me these days = function and style!  Yes, no doubt about that!

Completed my look with a pair of sneakers, a cap and a sunglass.

So have I sported this polo shirt look well?  Sure hope so!  Till my next post!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stripe It Into The Blue

Summer is here and so are navy stripes and breezy tops!  While these prints and styles are pretty much available all year round, I believe they’re more symbolic during the summer months:

Combined both (navy and stripes) in one look.  A loose and breezy navy top with wide-cut sides leaves enough room for air to pass through and circulate….definitely a cool choice during the heat of summer =)  Paired this top with a fitted navy striped skirt in blue and white to go with a navy-inspired look.  Completed my outfit with white sneakers and a gray cap (for lack of another more suitable-colored cap, hehe).

This outfit would probably look better on a yacht/cruise, but since I don’t have anyone to help me take my outfit shots, my guest room’s walls makes for my ever-trusty backdrop.  So different from your usual fashion blogger(s), right?  Yeah, I know…I just make do with what little resources I have.  But nope, no complaints.  I’m still very much blessed in my little own way =)

I hope you guys all have a great midweek ahead!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Put A Dot To It (Period)

Did you ever had that instance wherein you wanted to stress a point to someone and not have them argue with you?  Well, what expression do you usually say afterwards?  Zip it?  Yes, yes, that’s what most of us say these days.  But do you know what I used to say out loud after a statement and I don’t want to be contradicted to?  “PERIOD” “END OF THE STORY” Haha!  It’s a little bit long to say and I don’t know who and when it started but it was quite the catch word back in those days =)  But nowadays, it’s just zip it, although methinks I wanna put a dot to it today:

Wearing a full dot-on-dot ensemble today!  And no, that’s not a one-piece garment, but rather, a separate shirt and short combo.  Was lucky enough to find matching items from separate clothing shops!  Stuck to a full-blue palette for my top, shorts and heels; though I did snuck in a red polka-dotted clutch to give my look that pop of color.  And oh, I turned a white handkerchief into a headband for this shot too (to break the all-dotted monotony, hehe).

Cute sexy look, right? Now lemme put a dot (P.E.R.I.O.D) to it just in case you decide to change your mind and disagree with me!  Haha!

Much love everyone!  Keep safe.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Belt Your Heart Out

One way of jazzing up your regular plain black and white outfit is by accessorizing it.  Take for example, belts.  They’re a great addition to any wardrobe….very functional and given a good style / design, can take an outfit into a whole new level  =)  And that’s what I have in store for you today:

See the heart chain belt that I have on?  Cute, right?  Makes my black and white outfit a lot more interesting, don’t you think?  It’s a bit long, so I just secured it by my waistline and just left the excess “hanging” behind my back….looks actually a lot like added design, haha!

So while my outfit today can do without the belt (coz I have a slightly bejewelled top, considering), I still feel that it looks a lot  more interesting =)  So yeah, eat your heart out, fashionistas!!  Or do I rather say, BELT your heart out, uhm??

Gotta run now.  Catch you on the next!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Skirting Around In Plaid

One of the more widely accepted prints in fashion, in my opinion, would be the checkered (tartan) print.  It’s flexibility (can be worn by both male and female fashionistas) probably is the reason why it’s very much well-received.  So today, I’m likewise showing my love for this print by wearing one:

No, that’s not a plaid skirt right there, but rather a long-sleeved plaid shirt that I simply turned into and wore as a skirt  =P  Fun, right?  I mean, it’s nice to experiment with clothes and different looks once in awhile, don’t you think?

For this look, I paired my shirt-turned-skirt with a white cartoon-print cap-sleeve top, and a pair of ox-blood rugged boots.  The resulting look is a mix of cuteness (thanks to the cartoon top), and edge (courtesy of the plaid print and boots)….although I think I’ve channelled more of the edgy look here with my poses, haha!

Anyways, gotta get skirting around now….couldn’t afford to get stuck in traffic today….early appointment that is.  Till my next ootd!  Xoxo, ladies!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

What's Cooking?

I haven't really cooked in a very looooong while.  Thanks to my mom's kitchen expertise and cooking skills, all I do is to gobble and eat, haha!  But since my tummy's craving for pasta and I had a little more free time yesterday (yes, this is a late post, sorry to say), I decided to give it a go.  Care to guess what type of pasta I'm doing?  =)

Yep, that's a rather big plate of tuna with tomatoes, capers & olives pasta right there =)

And here's me about to dig in, hehe!

So much for this late post.  Hope you guys have a fun and full day ahead!  Much love to all :*